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Conn Hallinan: Nuclear Lies & Broken Promises

It is easy to blame the current resident of the White House for world tensions, except that the major nuclear powers have been ignoring their commitments on nuclear weapons and disarmament for over 50 years

Phyllis Bennis: The Link Between US Militarism and the Climate Crisis

The link between militarism and the climate crisis is undeniable. The U.S. military is particularly problematic in its energy and fossil fuel consumption

Robert Koehler: A tight grip on our nuclear toys

So what we have right now is a world in which the public’s natural desire for peace is diverted to the status of impossible

Joan Roelofs: Military Keynesianism Marches On

Our military is not particularly concerned with the welfare of persons or the environment, nationally or internationally

Rajan Menon: Hypersonic Weapons and National (In)security

Why Arms Races Never End

JP Sottile: We Can’t Confront Climate Change While Lavishly Funding Pentagon

The climate crisis is not only a byproduct of empire, but it’s becoming a rationale for even more empire

Jeremy Kuzmarov: Russian Blast Points to Danger of New Nuclear Arms Race

A new mobilization is now urgently needed in favor of arms control which can be modeled on the nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s

Vijay Prashad: There Must Be Bones Under the Paved Street

Withdrawal from the INF treaty is only one sign of danger. Another is that the various nuclear powers – led by the United States – have once more placed their nuclear weapons at the heart of their military strategy

William D. Hartung: Merger Mania

The Military-Industrial Complex on Steroids

Kathy Kelly: An Honorable Course in Iran

End Sanctions, Resume Dialogue

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