Category: Weapons & Disarmament

David Swanson: The United States Is Innocent and Has Never Killed Anyone

During this last presidency, the United States developed a new policy of murdering people with missiles from drones. Other nations do not yet have anything to match it

William D. Hartung: What Happens When All We Have Left Is The Pentagon?

Trump’s Vision of a Militarized America

Jeremy Kuzmarov: The New Merchants of Death

Social movements ought to place private military contractors at the center of a broader critique of authoritarian neoliberalism and America’s permanent war economy

H. Patricia Hynes: War and Warming: Can We Save the Planet Without Taking on the Pentagon?

Our hope for turning the tide will come from local, community-based campaigns and actions

Rajan Menon: Will Trump Shred the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Or Is That the Least of Our Problems When It Comes to U.S.-Iranian Relations?

Miriam Pemberton: The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-up

The brass asked for a report on eliminating waste. When investigators found some, the military buried it

Lawrence Wittner: How many nuclear warheads does the United States need?

Response to Frank von Hippel Frank von Hippel, one of the world’s leading specialists on nuclear weapons, has provided us―and the presidential candidates―with an important challenge: How are we going to get the stalled nuclear disarmament process moving forward once again? Answering the challenge is particularly problematic because it requires navigating between the national security Read more…

William D. Hartung: The Urge to Splurge

Why Is It So Hard to Reduce the Pentagon Budget?

Tom Engelhardt: You Must Be Kidding!

Adventures in an American World of Frustration

Phyllis Bennis: Before Orlando

For nine years Mateen worked for G4S Security, a British-based corporation that contracts with the U.S. and Israeli governments for work that often violates human rights on a massive scale

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