Category: Weapons & Disarmament

Robert Weissman: Rein in Runaway Pentagon Spending

The Pentagon’s budget takes up roughly 50% of the nation’s annual discretionary spending

Peter Bergel: To nuclear-armed states: Nice talk, now walk the walk 

We will not know how much influence we can have until we build our movement and use it to demand nuclear abolition

Bernie Sanders: As We Honor Dr. King, We Must Remember What He Truly Stood For

It would be easy for us to assume that he was universally admired and respected by the Establishment during his lifetime. Nothing could be further from the truth

Linda Pentz Gunter: What if Nuclear Deterrence Doesn’t Work?

“Not absolutely foolproof” isn’t good enough when it comes to nuclear deterrence

Lawrence Wittner: The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and the World’s Future

The most promising course of action for people interested in human survival might well lie in a popular mobilization to compel the nuclear nations to accept the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Rebecca Gordon: Keep Your LAWS Off My Planet

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems and the Fight to Contain Them

Robert Koehler: Poisoning ourselves with war

This is not about blame. This is not about shame. This is about change. We still have our finger on the nuclear trigger

Kenny Stancil: Pentagon Projected to Hand $407 Billion to Private Military Contractors

“There are over 700 lobbyists representing for-profit military contractors in D.C., and this redistribution of wealth is why they’re there.”

Peter Maass: The U.S. Military Is a Machine of Impunity

Wartime savagery requires that its perpetrators are told that their actions are acceptable — maybe heroic — and must not cease

Sebastian Santos: US Military and Sustainability

Unless we act and hold the military accountable for their extreme negligence and haphazard usage of equipment and chemicals that has persisted for decades, incidents like the one in Hawaii will continue to arise.

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