Category: Weapons & Disarmament

Alicia Sanders-Zakre: Biden Going “Full Steam Ahead” on Trump’s Nuclear Plans

U.S. Led 2020 Nuclear Weapons Spending

Phyllis Bennis: To End Poverty in the United States, End Militarism

After two decades of skyrocketing military budgets and a failed “war on terror” undermining human lives and rights, transformations are desperately needed

Robert Koehler: Nukes, lies and invisible murder

Joe Biden’s 2022 defense budget proposal, for instance, is $754 billion, up $14 billion from Trump’s last defense budget

Brian Terrell: “If There Are Enough Shovels to Go Around”

The conviction that the U.S. could win a nuclear war was key to the nuclear policy early in the Reagan administration

Marcy Winograd: Meet the Senate nuke caucus, busting the budget and making the world less safe

These lawmakers represent states with a direct interest in pouring billions into modernizing and building new weapons

William D. Hartung: America Dominant Again (in Arms Sales)

When it comes to trade in the tools of death and destruction, no one tops the United States of America

Robert Dodge: Who has the President’s Ear?

There is a growing national initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy

Mark Muhich: Biden’s Decisions This Year Will Determine US Nuclear Weapons Policy for Decades

Ridding the world of these horrific weapons is not fantasy but is an imperative for world leaders

Lawrence Wittner: The Fateful Choice

Nuclear Arms Race or Nuclear Weapons-Free World

Lawrence Wittner: The Major Powers Increased Their Military Spending in 2020

Perhaps, someday, people will ask whether increasing preparations for war was the best these governments could do as their populations sank into widespread disease, death, and poverty

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