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Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Don’t We See Headlines Touting the Pentagon’s Hefty Price Tag?

“Some of the same people who denounce the BBB plan as too expensive are eager to pass a bill giving the Pentagon $778 billion for one year, or nearly $8 trillion over ten years.”

Andrea Mazzarino: The Costs of War (to You)

Where So Much of Our Money Really Went

Norman Solomon: Our nuclear arsenal doesn’t need to be ‘modernized’—it needs to be eliminated

The vast network of ready-to-launch intercontinental ballistic missiles that make up the United States’s nuclear triad remains a constant source of apocalyptic risk that few in politics or the media will openly acknowledge

Brett Wilkins: ‘We Need to Get Our Priorities Right’

“Isn’t it strange how even as we end the longest war in our nation’s history concerns about the deficit and national debt seem to melt away under the influence of the powerful military-industrial complex?”

Mandy Smithberger: Reining in the Pentagon

Can It Possibly Happen?

Jonathan Cook: COP26: Military pollution is the skeleton in the West’s climate closet

Leaders at the COP26 summit have no intention of tackling the growing environmental impacts caused by their ‘defence’ spending

Ngakiya Camara: Students Are Pushing US Colleges to Sever Ties With Military-Industrial Complex

We won’t stop until we turn the tide against war and militarism

Peter Maass: After Afghanistan Disaster, the Pentagon Is on Track to Get Even More Money

The defeat in Afghanistan offers a chance to rethink America’s war machine, but Congress is on the verge of raising military spending to $740 billion

Juan Cole: Top 3 Ways Biden can restore Iran Nuclear Deal if he Really Wants To

Biden is risking conflagration in the Middle East that could spiral out of control at the drop of a hat

Norman Solomon: Climate Emergency Includes the Threat of ‘Nuclear Winter’

No imperatives are more crucial than challenging the fossil fuel industry and the nuclear weapons industry as the terrible threats to the climate and humanity that they are

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