Category: Weapons & Disarmament

Frida Berrigan: Meatball Subs, Not Nuclear Subs

Or How to Deliver 16,128 Hiroshimas

Alicia Sanders-Zakre: Biden Going “Full Steam Ahead” on Trump’s Nuclear Plans

U.S. Led 2020 Nuclear Weapons Spending

Phyllis Bennis: To End Poverty in the United States, End Militarism

After two decades of skyrocketing military budgets and a failed “war on terror” undermining human lives and rights, transformations are desperately needed

Robert Koehler: Nukes, lies and invisible murder

Joe Biden’s 2022 defense budget proposal, for instance, is $754 billion, up $14 billion from Trump’s last defense budget

Brian Terrell: “If There Are Enough Shovels to Go Around”

The conviction that the U.S. could win a nuclear war was key to the nuclear policy early in the Reagan administration

Marcy Winograd: Meet the Senate nuke caucus, busting the budget and making the world less safe

These lawmakers represent states with a direct interest in pouring billions into modernizing and building new weapons

William D. Hartung: America Dominant Again (in Arms Sales)

When it comes to trade in the tools of death and destruction, no one tops the United States of America

Robert Dodge: Who has the President’s Ear?

There is a growing national initiative seeking to fundamentally change U.S. nuclear weapons policy

Mark Muhich: Biden’s Decisions This Year Will Determine US Nuclear Weapons Policy for Decades

Ridding the world of these horrific weapons is not fantasy but is an imperative for world leaders

Lawrence Wittner: The Fateful Choice

Nuclear Arms Race or Nuclear Weapons-Free World

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