Category: Weapons & Disarmament

Various Contributors: Budget Deal Prioritizes War and Militarization Over Critical Needs, Again

The deal provides $730 billion in domestic spending vs. $782 billion for the military and war

Frida Berrigan: Worried about nuclear war? You can actually do something to prevent it

If anything good can come out of the horrific war in Ukraine, it might be a renewed movement to abolish nuclear weapons once and for all

Norman Solomon: Now Is the Time for a Global Movement Demanding Nuclear De-escalation

Realistic hope seems to be in very short supply right now. But at this dire moment, all that we love demands our determination to organize

William Hartung: Now is not the time to demand bigger military budgets

The hawks are already trying to exploit the Russian invasion, saying a shortfall in spending is leaving us vulnerable. Not true

William Astore: America’s Disastrous 60-Year War

Three Generations of Conspicuous Destruction by the Military-Industrial Complex

William D. Hartung: What a Waste

$778 Billion for the Pentagon and Still Counting

John Scales Avery: We are Militarism’s Hostages

For the military-industrial complex, the only goal is money and power. Civilians like ourselves are just hostages

Richard Falk: Will the Iran Nuclear Agreement be Restored?

Interview on the Vienna Talks that are seeking to restore the Iran Nuclear Agreement of 2015 reached during the Obama presidency

Andrea Mazzarino: The Pentagon We Don’t Think About

A New Perspective on the Department of Homeland Security

Robert Weissman: Rein in Runaway Pentagon Spending

The Pentagon’s budget takes up roughly 50% of the nation’s annual discretionary spending

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