Category: Civil Liberties

Kim Lane Scheppele: Viktor Orbán is Being Embraced by CPAC & American Right

American conservatives look to populist leaders turned autocrats in foreign countries for strategies to undermine the constitutional democratic process and consolidate power

Judith Levine: Should Doctors Break the Law?

As abortion bans compel them to endanger patients, some are considering civil disobedience

Refaat Alareer: Without consequences, Israel will continue to murder Palestinians

No one ever gets used to being bombarded every year or so. The kids in particular live in constant fear. But it does become part of life

John Shipton: The Ongoing Persecution of Julian Assange

John Shipton, the father of political prisoner Julian Assange, tells Lowkey about his struggle for the freedom of his son

Priti Gulati Cox: Kansas Trusted Women

To our forced-birth crusaders, a woman, a fetus, and a live child are commodities, like wheat or soybeans. The higher the yield, the higher their value

Jessica Corbett: ‘Authoritarian Crusade’

DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Over Pledges on Abortion, Gender-Affirming Care

Natasha Lennard: What Democrats Should (but Probably Won’t) Learn From the Kansas Abortion Victory

The referendum was a rebuke of centrist Democrats’ long-held ideas about appealing to anti-abortion voters

Amy Littlefield: Landslide! Kansas Voters Protect Abortion Rights

Nearly 60% of Kansas voters struck down a ballot measure that would have removed the state’s right to abortion and cleared the way for Republican state lawmakers to ban the procedure

Craig Brown: How Tunisians can instill democracy in the face of growing authoritarianism

With president Saied grabbing more power and the parliamentary system in crisis, people’s councils could defend Tunisia’s democratic gains

Carolyn McConnell: We shouldn’t want Roe back — we should demand much, much more

Roe Was Always a Terrible Basis for Abortion Rights. Now We Can Fight for Something Better

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