Category: Civil Liberties

Juan Cole: South Africa ‘Ungovernable’ after a former President was Jailed

Do Trump and Trumpism pose a similar danger to U.S.?

Thomas Klikauer: For Right-Wing Populism, Power, Not Facts, Is What Makes and Defines Truth

The divine destiny of authoritarian populism finds fulfillment in not just reshaping what is true and what is a lie, but more importantly, in reshaping reality

Jake Johnson: ‘Shame on Us,’ Says Warnock, If Senate Dems Let Filibuster Kill Voting Rights

“No Senate rule supersedes people’s constitutional rights,” said the Democratic senator from Georgia.

Kathryn Kolbert: Controlling Women

With Roe v. Wade in Peril, Authors Say Move Past Court to Save Reproductive Rights

Andrew Metheven: Militarism and the police

As institutions like the police and border patrol become increasingly militarized, anti-militarism needs to become a cornerstone of social movements worldwide

Mark Weisbrot: Trump started a war on journalism. Biden has yet to end it

Advocates for human rights and press freedom, as well as members of Congress, all need to raise their voices in this case before it is too late

Kenny Stancil: ‘One Speech… Isn’t Enough’

Progressives Call on Biden to Get Tough on Voting Rights

José Carlos Llerena Robles: There’s a Dirty Tricks Campaign in Peru to Deny Left’s Presidential Victory

The campaign to overturn Peru’s presidential election results is one of “unconventional warfare.”

Paul Street: Imagine a Nation Like This

Imagine a country so clueless that its population ranks “illegal immigration” as a more serious concern than the biggest issue of our or any time – the climate catastrophe

Branko Marcetic: The Julian Assange Media Blackout Must End

Stunning revelations have emerged overseas about the reckless and duplicitous methods used by US law enforcement against Julian Assange – in the US, almost total media blackout

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