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Robert Fisk: The Final Punishment of Julian Assange

I’m getting a bit tired of the US Espionage Act. For that matter, I’ve been pretty weary of the Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning saga for a long time. No one wants to talk about their personalities because no one seems to like them very much – even those who have benefited journalistically from their Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Why the US is Persecuting Assange

The US feels enraged by any revelation of what it really knows, by any alternative source of information. Such threats to its control of the news agenda must be suppressed where possible

Gianpaolo Baiocchi: The War on Brazilian Democracy

Since taking office in January, President Jair Bolsonaro has not only become less popular. He has also done perhaps irreparable damage to fundamental democratic institutions

Committee to protect journalists: Alarming new stage in US war on leaks

The Assange indictment marks the first time the U.S. government has prosecuted a publisher under the Espionage Act

Robert Koehler: Shattering the context of war

The U.S. government protects itself, not democracy

Jack Rasmus: Mueller Talks…and the Tyrant Walks

Nixon was impeached in 1974 in large part based on his obstruction of the Watergate investigation. And if obstruction is a criminal act, why then did Mueller not also indict Trump on that evidence, as Nixon had been?

Jonathan Cook: Endless procedural abuses show Julian Assange case was never about law

A far from complete list of some of the most glaring anomalies in Assange’s legal troubles

Nozomi Hayase: We Must Defend Assange to Save Democracy from American Despotism

This would not only be the end of journalism, but would lead to a destruction of the very foundation of our civilization—a premise of society governed by the rule of law

James Risen: The Indictment of Julian Assange

A true democracy does not allow its government to decide who is a journalist. A nation in which a leader gets to make that decision is on the road to dictatorship

Jessica Corbett: ‘This Is About Attacking Journalism’

“This is about retaliation for publishing evidence of U.S. war crimes and other crimes by the most powerful nation on Earth.”

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