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Thom Hartmann: Let’s Just All Acknowledge That Cruelty & Death Is the GOP Brand

Republicans simply don’t believe that protecting the people of America is a legitimate function of government & they’re strengthened in that belief by far-right billionaires’ money showered on them

Shefali Luthra: The end of Roe could be changing people’s minds about abortion bans

Backlash to a 15-week ban and shifting public opinion data suggests people may be less tolerant of laws prohibiting second-trimester abortions

Julia Conley: Warnings Mount Over Right-Wing Plot to Rewrite US Constitution

Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats must emphasize to voters that Republicans still control most state legislatures, and if they remain in power, they can drastically change the Constitution.”

Garnet Henderson: Fall of “Roe” Caused Unemployment for Some Clinic Workers, Overwork for Others

“Here we are scrambling, with workers and people seeking abortions left behind.”

Thom Hartmann: Abbott & DeSantis Just Revived the “Freedom Ride North”

Racists understand how to get the attention of other racists. And, really, that’s all they want, no matter how many people are hurt in the process.

Andrew Moss: Justice for Farmworkers

The people who feed this nation deserve full rights and dignity as workers

Jeff Weaver: Ron DeSantis Should Be Prosecuted

Stop calling it a “political stunt.” Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s use of vulnerable immigrants as props is disgusting and criminal

Sasha Abramsky: Judge Said Religious Employers Can Deny Preventive Care — a Dizzying Precedent

Whenever I think that the hyper-politicized judiciary in the U.S. can’t do anything more destructive than what it has already done in recent years, yet another far right judge quickly proves me wrong

Julia Conley: ‘Cowardly and Despicable’: West Virginia Gov. Signs Abortion Ban Into Law

“Banning abortion behind closed doors, days after a nationwide abortion ban was introduced equals being scared of your constituents.”

Lizzie Chadbourne: Here’s How We Stop the Republicans’ National Abortion Ban

We will not and cannot accept any abortion restrictions or bans, all of which coerce and force people into continuing their pregnancies

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