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Bella DeVaan: It’s Time to Do Away With Dark Money

While federal lawmakers fail to pass dark money donor disclosure, voters in Arizona have an opportunity to reveal who’s exerting outsize influence in their elections

Ruth Ben-Ghiat: Fascism Returns in Italy

Giorgia Meloni Claims Victory, Allied with Right-Wing Parties Across Europe

Walden Bello: Extreme Events Are the New Normal, and Not Just in the Weather

From the war in Ukraine to the rise of far-right autocrats worldwide, extremism has become a part of everyday life

Thom Hartmann: How the Supreme Court Set Up the Criminal Takeover of America

So much money is sloshing around in our political system that honest politicians are buried and actual criminals are stepping up

Paul Street: Clockwork Orange: The Intimately Related Impunities of Fascist Floridians Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis

A remotely functioning democracy would have jailed Trump for fraud and/or sexual assault years ago

Julia Conley: Warnings Mount Over Right-Wing Plot to Rewrite US Constitution

Ahead of the midterm elections, Democrats must emphasize to voters that Republicans still control most state legislatures, and if they remain in power, they can drastically change the Constitution.”

Anthony Dimaggio: Erasing QAnon Fascism: A Case Study in Black Comedy

Please Help ZNet             Source: Counterpunch Photo by Mircea Moira/Shutterstock Karl Marx famously wrote in the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte that historical facts appear twice, “the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Following this observation, journalists’ longstanding denial of the fascist implications of Trump’s ties to Read more…

Jake Johnson: ‘Cave Means Grave’

“He didn’t say not to do anything to the congressmen”

Sharon Zhang: Over Half of Americans Will Have an Election Denier on Their Midterm Ballot

Attempts to erode and replace democracy are especially concerning considering the right’s fast decline into fascism

Jake Johnson: Facebook Accused of Fueling Bolsonaro’s Coup-Mongering

‘January 6th All Over Again’

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