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Max Elbaum: Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power

The more we contribute to beating the MAGA Faction in this round of voting, the better positioned we are to push further toward the multiracial democracy, transformed economy, and changed relationship with the planet

Jen Kirby: Brazil Escaped a January 6-Style Insurrection — For Now

Bolsonaro’s September 7 rally made clear the crisis of Brazilian democracy isn’t over

Thomas Klikauer: Germany’s Identitarian Movement

Germany’s semi-fascist Identitarian Movement, like all right-wing extremists and adjacent Neo-Nazis, rejects the democratic order of Germany fighting with public stunts and violent force against democracy

Then24: World leaders warn “fears of a coup” September 7 in Brazil

Former presidents, academics, and world leaders cautioned that on September 7, 2021 “an insurrection will endanger democracy in Brazil”

Andrew Fishman: Bolsonaro’s Pro-Coup Rally: September 7 Is Shaping Up to Be Brazil’s January 6

With his reelection prospects dimming, Bolsonaro’s supporters are ramping up their version of the pro-Trump rally that led to the Capitol riot

Matthew Rozsa: McCarthy was never defeated — Trump now leads the movement he created

McCarthy dreamed of a right-wing movement rooted in bigotry, demagoguery and false accusations. Well, here it is

John Feffer: Saving Democracy by Destroying It

America desperately needs a dose of its own medicine of democracy promotion

George Monbiot: How to Rule Forever

From silencing opponents to spying on citizens, the world’s authoritarians are refining a strategy for perpetual rule

John Feffer: Does the Future Belong to the Taliban?

Afghanistan is not the only place at risk of takeover by extremists

Nick Licata: Trumpite Multimillionaires Push White Ethnic Nationalism

Appealing to aggrieved white Americans and frightened wealthy Americans is a dynamite formula for blowing up our democracy’s institutions

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