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Mark Weisbrot: ‘Stop the Steal’ Campaign by Losing Candidate in Peru Must End

Ripping a page from Donald Trump, the right spreads baseless conspiracy theories in an attempt to overturn the democratic will of the people

Various Contributors: Open Letter to the Nicaraguan government from U.S. solidarity workers (1979-1990)

We believed then, and we continue to believe now, in the Nicaraguan people’s right to self-determination

Tom H. Hastings: Supreme suppression

The Trump/McConnell-packed Supreme Court has begun to live up to the fondest hopes of fascist Republicans

Jessica Corbett: Supreme Court Delivers Blow to the Voting Rights Act

After SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Limits, Congress Urged to Protect Voters and Expand Court

Sasha Abramsky: Trumpists Have Made Alarming Advances in Their Quest to Control Elections

State lawmakers in one state after the next have moved to embrace Trump’s fantasies about rigged elections and massive fraudulent voting

Gar W. Lipow: The “Make the Bastards Pay” Tax

Let’s not sneer at any tactic that slows the conversion of our oligarchy with minor democratic characteristics into a full-fledged authoritarian dictatorship

Elizabeth Hira: A Fight for Democracy

GOP Blocks Voting Bill as Democrats Renew Push to Reform Filibuster

Greg Palast: Uncovered: Illegal Attack on 364,000 Georgia Voters

Pamela Reardon wants to stop Tamara Horne from voting.

Laurence Blair: Bolivian Ex-Minister of Defense Plotted a Second Coup Using U.S. Mercenaries

Leaked phone recordings and emails reveal a top official was prepared to use foreign troops to block Bolivia’s left-wing MAS party from returning to power

Dan Collyns: Peru: Fujimori cries electoral fraud

And unleashes torrent of racism

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