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Norman Solomon: Corporate Liberalism Is No Match for Trumpism

A vital challenge for progressives is to not only block Republican agendas but also to effectively campaign for policy changes that go far beyond the talking points of current Democratic leaders

Mike Ludwig: Call for Voting Rights March on Washington

Nationwide, 18 states have passed 30 laws that restrict ballot access in one way or another in the months since Trump lost the 2020 election

Jill Richardson: Preventing an American Pinochet

If you believe violence instead of voting is justified, I implore you to at least consider the alternative viewpoint

Thom Hartmann: Trump’s “Shadow Cabinet” Ensures His Coup Is Ongoing

It turns out sedition and treason are pretty profitable as the coup rolls on…

Tom Engelhardt: The Forbidden Word

Is This Country Heading for the Exit?

Chauncey DeVega: Donald Trump rallies the troops in Phoenix

Unfortunately, that’s not a metaphor

Julia Conley: 150 Voting Rights Groups Warn Biden Against Attempting to ‘Out-Organize Voter Suppression’

“Every American deserves and should be able to rely on a baseline level of voting access… Only passage of both the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act can make this aspiration a reality.”

Juan Cole: Tunisia’s President just made the kind of Coup Trump and US Republicans plotted (and are plotting) Against President Biden

Americans should realize how close Washington, D.C. came to looking like today’s Tunis

Juan Cole: South Africa ‘Ungovernable’ after a former President was Jailed

Do Trump and Trumpism pose a similar danger to U.S.?

Richard Falk: The Turkish Coup Attempt: Five Years Later

Turkey is likely to continue to hedge its policies, as well as seize its opportunities, by further developing a wide range of positive contacts within the Middle East and beyond

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