Category: Foreign Policy

Dean Baker: Biden, China, and the New Cold War

Many people don’t seem to realize the absurdity of trying to spend China into the ground, as some would claim we did with the Soviet Union

Walden Bello: Osama’s Ghost: The Economics of Overextension

Twenty years of military quagmire of the Middle East has contributed to the fraying of the U.S. economy even as China has rapidly become the new center of global capital accumulation

Joshua Makalintal: Dismantling the Imperial Boomerang

A Reckoning with Globalised Police Power

Robert Koehler: Nukes, lies and invisible murder

Joe Biden’s 2022 defense budget proposal, for instance, is $754 billion, up $14 billion from Trump’s last defense budget

Dave Lindorff: Are a Few Big Donors Reining in the Peace Movement?

We’re now in a situation where many ostensible “peace” groups seem tied to the Democratic Party

Richard Falk: Great Power Competition Is Escalating to Dangerous Levels

Great power competition has emerged as a key priority for U.S. foreign policy under the Biden administration. In fact, we may be already at the start of a new New Cold War

Medea Benjamin: The Emperor’s New Rules

We challenge President Biden and Secretary Blinken to prove us wrong by actually joining the rules-based order of the UN Charter and international law

Andrew J. Bacevich: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Biden the Bold vs. Joe the Timid

William Astore: Endless War Is A Feature of Our National Programming

On Pulling the Plug on the War Machine

Noam Chomsky: United States Withdraws From Afghanistan? Not Really

The U.S. will “withdraw,” but will also leave behind its assets to checkmate China and Russia. These geopolitical considerations eclipse any concern for the Afghan people

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