Category: Foreign Policy

Brian Terrell: Biden’s Drone Wars

We must urgently demand a ban on the production, trade and use of weaponized drones and an end to military and police drone surveillance

David Swanson: The Brutes Haven’t All Been Exterminated

Assume that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen are not people. Read news reports on the wars not ending. See if they don’t make a lot more sense that way.

Nicolas J.S. Davies: Denis Halliday: A Voice of Reason in an Insane World

Please Help ZNet       Denis Halliday is an exceptional figure in the world of diplomacy. In 1998, after a 34-year career with the United Nations—including as an Assistant Secretary-General and the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq—he resigned when the UN Security Council refused to lift sanctions against Iraq.   Halliday saw at first Read more…

Ron Jacobs: Biden, Blinken and DOD

Although the Blinken-Biden foreign policy approach may be more palatable to European governments and much of the US population, that doesn’t mean it’s that different from what preceded it.

Jody Williams: Biden Admin Slammed for Claiming Landmines Are a “Vital Tool”

The Biden administration is facing criticism from human rights groups after it announced it will leave in place a Trump-era policy to allow military commanders to use landmines across the globe

Rohan Rice: ‘Global Britain’, aggressive imperialism and draconian policing

Belligerent abroad and oppressive at home, the government’s rhetoric is being gradually cemented into law – to which protest is the only answer

Jessica Corbett: ‘It’s Not a Border Crisis. It’s an Imperialism Crisis… a Climate Crisis… a Trade Crisis.’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to social media Tuesday night with a detailed reminder of the root causes of Central Americans and other migrants seeking asylum at the United States’ southern border

John Feffer: Is the Long War Finally Ending?

Withdrawing several thousand U.S. troops from Afghanistan is just the tip of the iceberg

Richard Falk: Do We Really Want a Second Cold War?

The protection of human rights is being geopolitically manipulated to mobilize public support for an anti-Chinese foreign policy in the West that risks generating a dangerous geopolitical confrontation

Noam Chomsky: Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Largely Indistinguishable From Trump’s

U.S. policy might help create a more serious challenge by confrontational and hostile acts that drive Russia and China closer together in reaction

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