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Jake Johnson: ‘Payoff for 40 Years of Dark Money’

Supreme Court Delivers for Corporate America

Stephen F. Eisenman: “A Fancy Piece of Homicide” at the U.S. Supreme Court

Please Help ZNet           Source: Counterpunch In Double Indemnity, insurance claims manager Barton Keyes (played by Edward G. Robinson), tell his ace salesman, Walter Neff (played by Fred MacMurray) that he’s figured out that the man they insured didn’t die from an accident after all: “It’s murder, and murders don’t come Read more…

Bill McKibben: Be the Backlash

The Supreme Court’s decisions are insanely unpopular; we have to make that matter

Sharon Zhang: “We Are Witnessing a Judicial Coup in Process”

The Supreme Court’s next session starting in October is shaping up to be equally severe

Jake Johnson: US Supreme Court Drops Carbon Bomb on the Planet

One Democratic senator warned the right-wing majority’s ruling “could unleash a new era of reckless deregulation that will gut protections for all Americans and the environment.”

Michael Waldman: Originalism Run Amok at the Supreme Court

Originalism, as used by this Court, just provides cover for a right-wing polit­ical agenda. It is a threat to democracy

Naomi Klein: The Supreme Court’s Shock-and-Awe Judicial Coup

The rolling judicial coup coming from this court is by no means over

Brett Wilkins: US ‘Witnessing a Judicial Coup in Process’

“It is our duty to check the Court’s gross overreach of power in violating people’s inalienable rights and seizing for itself the powers of Congress and the president.”

Nayyirah Shariff: Flint Residents Outraged

Charges Dropped in Deadly Water Scandal That Poisoned Majority-Black City

Joe Mayall: Non-Police Public Safety Alternatives Work. Denver’s Star Program Proves It

Denver’s STAR program led to a 34 percent drop in crime in its operating districts since 2020

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