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Various Contributors: Joint Statement From Elected Prosecutors on COVID-19

Addressing the Rights and Needs of Those in Custody

Tom Engelhardt: Pardon Me?

Donald Trump is the Fakest (and Realest) News of All

Jordan Smith: Supreme Court Could Gut Reproductive Rights Without A Ruling

the latest salvo in the ongoing effort of anti-abortion lawmakers to erode reproductive rights

James Risen: Senate Acquittal Gave Trump a Blank Check

With Roger Stone’s Sentencing, the President’s Crime Syndicate Is Cashing In

John Legend: How to Fix the Criminal (In)Justice System

Source: The Intercept New to podcasting? Click here.   The United States has the biggest prison population of any country on the planet. The crime rate is down, but the incarceration rate continues to soar. Black men are six times as likely to be locked up as white men. With the 2020 presidential election around Read more…

George Monbiot: The Roots of Fascism

When political leaders brazenly flout the law, we are heading towards a very dark place

Jordan Smith: How the Supreme Court Could Gut Reproductive Rights

Without Ruling on a Single Abortion Restriction

Ralph Nader: The Vengeful, Lawless, Corporate Toady Trump Explodes

Trump has raised the stakes as to whether the Congress as the central institution of our government will survive his executive branch shredding of the Constitution.

Reverend William Barber: Democracy Is Fragile. Civil Rights Activists Already Know That.

Mitch McConnell’s conduct of Trump’s Senate trial recalls the baleful history of southern racial injustice in the civil rights era

Clark D. Cunningham: Limiting Senate inquiry ignores Founders’ intent for impeachment

Impeachment was “an essential security for the good behaviour” of the president; otherwise, “he will spare no efforts or means whatever to get himself re-elected.”

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