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Victoria Law: Stories of Sexual Violence & Survivors Behind Bars

Black women behind bars are rendered invisible, and their experiences of violence remain either ignored or blatantly disbelieved

Shaun King: NFL’s Gesture Rings Hollow

The league cannot, in truth and sincerity, say it cares about criminal justice reform while ruining a man’s career for showing us all just how much he cares about it

Sarah Conway: Jail-Free Justice

The court is one of the only alternative courts nationwide to depend entirely on restorative justice

John W. Whitehead: Afraid of Being Pulled Over by Police?

You Should Be

Tasha Moro: Disrupting Resistance Movements in the Digital Age

We must uplift the movements powered by people who refuse to back down—and understand that we can be those people, too

Jeff Abbott: Seeking Justice in Guatemala

A disturbing new proposal by members of Guatemala’ Congress could give blanket amnesty to military members for committing war crimes

Tom H. Hastings: Reckless

The courts have disallowed the necessity defense, that is, effectively eliminating the chance for the jury to hear why these resisters did their actions

Stephen Bergstein: Sexual Assault Victim Cannot Sue West Point

The facts of the case portray a misogynist environment at West Point, a Hudson Valley institution that trains future military officers

Steve Horn: Charging Anti-Pipeline Activists With Terrorism

The American Petroleum Institute has crafted a letter, signed by 84 members of Congress, suggesting that anti-pipeline activists should be charged with domestic terrorism

Dean Baker: Trump Picks Crony to Audit His Taxes

The End of the Rule of Law in the United States

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