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Uma Nagarajan-Swenson: Get Cops Out of Schools: A Factsheet

Educators are waking up to the grave emotional and developmental harm school resource officers cause. School districts must reallocate their resources

Robert P. Alvarez: Land of the Unfree

This July 4, let’s lay claim to the freedom and equality we’ve celebrated for centuries, but seldom practiced

Marjorie Cohn: The Fine Line Between the Criminals and the Cops

A Review of Mike Avery’s “The Cooperating Witness”

Ryan Devereaux: How the NYPD Weaponized a Curfew Against Protesters and Residents

“I can’t forget his look. His eyes. The way he was looking at everybody, like he was disgusted and hated everybody.” It seemed that no matter what you do, Blue said, “they’re going to treat you like an enemy.”

Chris Hedges: My Student Comes Home

In 1990, Lawrence Bell was 14, orphaned and living in an abandoned house when three Camden cops pressured him to sign a confession of murder. Sunday, thanks to the dogged work of his laywer, he was freed.

Ron Jacobs: Cops and a Coverup

The book Losing Jon is a vital and important text for the current times. It explores a police culture that is a law unto itself and the injury our refusal to confront that culture can bring to everyday people

Maura Dolan: London Breed pushes San Francisco reforms

Police no longer will respond to noncriminal calls

Julia Conley: Poll Shows Overwhelming US Support for Police Reform

Among other major changes, large majorities of the American public want clear standards for police misconduct and prosecution of officers guilty of excessive force

James Risen: Barr Turned Justice Department Into Law Firm With One Client: Trump

The corruption and politicization of the Department of Justice under William Barr is now complete. It will take a generation to reestablish its credibility and independence

Kathleen Wallace: To Make Crime, Create Laws

Research indicates that 70% of US adults have committed a crime that could lead to their imprisonment. In reality, there’s a law on the books that could put you away if needed

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