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Badri Raina: Only sound and fury

Those who object to court ban on bursting crackers make a poor case

Various Contributors: Climate Activists Convicted

After Judge Refused to Allow Climate Change Experts To Testify In Their Defense, Climate Activists Michael Foster and Sam Jessup Are Convicted for Shutting Off the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline

Alexander J.S. Colvin: The growing use of mandatory arbitration

Access to the courts is now barred for more than 60 million American workers

Emma Long: National anthem & Supreme Court

The court has time and again recognized that the American people think differently about issues

Mark Joseph Stern: Department of Wackadoodle

The DOJ’s new anti-gay legal posture just got shut down in federal court

Jordan Smith: Texas Refuses DNA Test

As DNA has played an increasingly pivotal role in exposing wrongful convictions, CCA has taken an equal and opposite approach, interpreting the state’s DNA statute in order to narrow its impact as much as possible

Marjorie Cohn: Muslim Ban 3.0 Still Unconstitutional

After federal courts struck down Donald Trump’s first two Muslim bans, his functionaries crafted a third one. In an attempt to withstand judicial scrutiny by convincing the courts it is not really aimed at Muslims, Trump’s new travel ban (Muslim Ban 3.0) cosmetically adds two countries — Venezuela and North Korea — that do not Read more…

Frank Serpico: Kap, Cops and Confederate Statues

A Better World Without Double Standards

Ryan Gallagher: Demanding an Activist’s Passwords

He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the U.K.

Chip Gibbons: Ag-gag laws

Legislators are criminalizing practices that led to wrongdoings being exposed

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