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Samuel Moyn: Socialists Have Long Fought to Disempower the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has been a reactionary institution for most of its history. We need to take on its power and fight for real democracy in the United States

Jack Rasmus: Ginsburg’s Death & Trump’s Emerging Legal Coup D’Etat

In 2020 the Supreme Court will be even more likely do the same–i.e. stop the vote count and ‘select’ Trump’– with a 6-3 vote. Except this time it will not even be a vote recount; it will be a first count of mail in ballot votes

Bernie Sanders: Justice Ginsburg’s replacement

Every issue we care about is at stake: abortion rights, campaign finance reform, voting rights, workers’ rights, health care, LGBTQ rights, climate change, environmental rights, gun safety and more.

Alice Speri: A Progressive Prosecutor Faces Off With Portland’s Aggressive Police

Portland’s new district attorney said he wouldn’t prosecute most protesters. Police kept arresting them anyway.

Bill Blum: Our attorney general is a fanatic — and it’s even worse than you think

Combined with his extremist position on executive power, Barr’s religious fundamentalism makes him the most treacherous man in America, second only to Trump himself

Karen Dolan, Cecelia Scheuer, Uma Nagarajan-Swenson, & Lindsay Koshgarian: Reimagining School Safety

A look at the dangers posed to students by law enforcement and how to invest in real safety for our nation’s children

John Pilger: The Stalinist trial of Julian Assange

When I first met Julian Assange more than ten years ago, I asked him why he had started WikiLeaks. He replied: “Transparency and accountability are moral issues that must be the essence of public life and journalism.”

Dave Lindorff: Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang!

It’s dubious that America is the “land of the brave,”  but certainly police, who whenever they kill an unarmed victim immediately explain that they “feared for their lives” as justification, cannot lay claim to that appellation

Mychal Denzel Smith: Incremental Change Is a Moral Failure

Mere reform won’t fix policing

Elias Rodriques, Melonie Griffiths & Ralowe Ampu: Prosecutors Have No Place in Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commissions

We need resources directly distributed to our communities so that our communities can create safety outside the same state that targets us

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