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Glenn Greenwald: Prosecution of Assange Poses Grave Threat to Press Freedom

The Trump Justice Department inadvertently revealed in a court filing that it has charged Julian Assange in a sealed indictment. The disclosure occurred through a remarkably amauetrish cutting-and-pasting error in which prosecutors unintentionally used secret language from Assange’s sealed charges in a document filed in an unrelated case. Although the document does not specify which charges have Read more…

Branko Marcetic: The Contradictions of the #Resistance

Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than shuttering Mueller’s investigation could ever be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure

Marjorie Cohn: Trump’s Judges Imperil Our Rights for Decades

In less than two years as president, Donald Trump has already put two radical right-wing justices on the Supreme Court, cementing a conservative majority on the Court for decades. He has also placed 29 right-wing judges on the federal circuit courts of appeals with more in the works by the end of the year. These Read more…

Billy Corriher: State supreme courts thwart GOP plans

“We need independent courts to have an effective system of checks and balances”

Karen J. Greenberg: Justice Derailed

Brett Kavanaugh and the Echoes of Gitmo

Billy Corriher: Taking aim at Southern supreme courts

Now that the Judicial Crisis Network has succeeded in helping to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court over unprecedented opposition, JCN will resume its long-term effort to put conservatives in charge of state supreme courts

Paul Street: For Popular Sovereignty, Beyond Absurdity

Why in the name of anything remotely akin to democracy should Kavanaugh and his eight high court colleagues holds these powerful positions for life?

John Buell: After Mitch McConnell’s coup

Democratizing the Court, Democratizing America

Marjorie Cohn: No Checks and Balances with Kavanaugh

Janine Jackson: Donald Trump’s public mockery of Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who testified she was assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was an acutely despicable spectacle in an administration that is no shirker when it comes to despicable spectacle. But the Kavanaugh hearings, the FBI “investigation” into allegations against him, the whole process, Read more…

Michael H. Fox: Plea Bargains and Wrongful Convictions

A Lesson from Japan

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