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Jake Johnson: Report Details Corporate Landlord Gluttony as Millions Face Eviction

By striking down the CDC’s eviction moratorium, said one critic, the Supreme Court “sided with rich corporate landlords that are itching to kick out vulnerable families.”

Natasha Lennard: The Supreme Court Will Not Save Us From the Decimation of Abortion Rights

With Texas all but banning abortion and endorsing a repugnant vigilantism, we need to look for other ways to protect access to abortion

John Pilger: A day in the death of British justice

For the crime of real journalism, Assange has spent most of the past decade in one form of incarceration or another, including Belmarsh prison, a horrific place

Jonathan Cook: Craig Murray’s jailing is the latest move to snuff out independent journalism

In the Assange and Murray cases, the British state is carving out for itself a space to define what counts as legitimate, authorised journalism

Jeremy Scahill: Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Is a Truth-Teller

Hale should be pardoned and released, and the government should pay him restitution

Marjorie Cohn: Drone Whistleblower Gets 45 Months in Prison for Revealing Ongoing US War Crimes

On July 27, a federal district court judge in Alexandria, Virginia, sentenced former U.S. Air Force intelligence analyst Daniel Hale to 45 months in prison for revealing evidence of U.S. war crimes

F. Douglas Stephenson: Why we need to stop Warehousing the Mentally Ill in Jail

Only Private Prison Corporations Profit

Taroa Zúñiga Silva: Sex Workers and COVID-19

Resisting the Pandemic and Criminalization

Ryan Devereaux: Daniel Hale Makes His Case Against U.S. Assassination Program

With prosecutors seeking a maximum sentence, Hale delivered a powerful handwritten letter describing his motivations to the court

Kathryn Kolbert: Controlling Women

With Roe v. Wade in Peril, Authors Say Move Past Court to Save Reproductive Rights

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