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Kary Love: The fourth branch

I still have faith in juries of ordinary people when fully informed to make “just” decisions even if necessitating deviation from the law

Rebekah Barber: Southerners on New Ground’s bail out

Southerners on New Ground raised over $200,000 to free 64 Black women from jails across the South — some who had been there for as long as 451 days simply because they could not afford to post bail

Glenn Greenwald: The Misguided Attacks on ACLU

That anyone who defends the legal rights of terrorists or gives them a platform is culpable for the violence they commit has been standard neoconservative and far right cant for decades

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim: Venezuelan Court Sentences Mayor

Venezuela’s highest court ordered Wednesday the arrest of an opposition mayor accused of refusing to obey the Supreme Court order to stem political violence in his municipality

Angela A. Allen-Bell: Prisoners Human Rights March

Plantations Were Prisons: Mobilizing for the Aug. 19 Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in Washington DC

Uri Avnery: Wistful Eyes

From whatever angle one looks at it, the death sentence is a barbaric and stupid measure

Jordan Wilkie: Southern justice harsh on children

Rank of the U.S. among industrialized nations in the number and percentage of incarcerated youth: 1

Mumia Abu Jamal: Black Lives Matter and Police Violence

We must understand that the state is a hate crime against the poor, the oppressed, Black folks, and Latinas, etc.

Emma Kromm: Texas reversal on same-sex benefits

Texas Supreme Court justices have themselves expressed concern over increased political influence in the judicial selection system

Paul Street: The Abandonment

Reflections on James Foreman’s “Locking Up Our Own”

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