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Rebekah Barber: Challenging the death penalty

“I understand this is a controversial issue but what isn’t controversial is the evidence that led to my decision,” Florida state prosecutor Aramis Ayala said last week as she announced she would not seek the death penalty for cases in the Orange-Osceola jurisdiction where she was recently elected to serve as Florida’s first African-American state Read more…

Jordan Smith: Punished for Opposing the Death Penalty

The top prosecutor in Orlando, Florida outlined a new policy: her office would no longer seek the death penalty in any capital case

Lauren McCauley: Gorsuch Refuses Chance to Condemn ‘Dark Money’ Lobbying

Judge Neil Gorsuch claims he ‘speaks for’ himself, but secretive sources have spent millions to get him confirmed for a reason

Ai-Jen Poo: Neil Gorsuch and Casualties of the Court

When dominant voices in our legislature and the Administration are determined to dehumanize and discriminate, we must protect and enhance the role of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of fairness

Marjorie Cohn: Gorsuch Would Use “Originalism” to Affirm Right-Wing Agenda

Originalism is ultimately a way to reach a right-wing result under the guise of following the original intent of the authors of the Constitution

Ian Millhiser: Behind Neil Gorsuch’s Rhetoric

Judge Gorsuch comes out of a tradition that’s become particularly prominent on the right since Barack Obama was sworn in, that calls for judges to be more active, more aggressive in pushing a conservative agenda

David Swanson: Jimmy Breslin on How to Impeach Trump

Impeachment is about placing the executive branch under the rule of law, not about the trivial matter of what individual holds what office for a few years

Juan Cole: Hawaii Judge: Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0 still Violates the Constitution

Derrick Watson, US District Court judge in Honolulu, has issued a nationwide Temporary Restraining Order against Trump’s second attempt at an Executive Order excluding people from Muslim-majority countries from the United States. Watson found that the state of Hawaii, which brought the suit, was likely to prevail in its complaint that the president’s order would Read more…

Traci Yoder: New Anti-Protesting Legislation: A Deeper Look

We must continue to organize and to keep a close watch on these bills as they emerge in state and federal legislatures, and to push back at every level

Jackson Kerr: The Oregon Occupiers’ Lucky Break

On Thursday, four more of the 2016 occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge received verdicts for their participation in the refuge’s seizure; none of the defendants left the courtroom completely innocent on all counts, but only two were found guilty of the more significant conspiracy charges rendered against all four. These are only marginally disappointing Read more…

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