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Ronald Newman: House Backs Decriminalizing Pot

Voters OK Legalization Ballot Initiatives

Jessica Corbett: ‘Huge Victory’ for Immigrants

Federal Judge Orders Trump Administration to Fully Restore DACA

Shani Saxon: Florida Sheriff’s Target Schoolchildren as Future Criminals Based on Abuse History

Former deputies told the news outlet that “they were ordered to harass people on the target list by visiting their homes repeatedly and looking for reasons to write tickets and make arrests. One in 10 of the people targeted have been teenagers.” 

Ralph Nader: Trump’s Massive, Lawless and Immoral Legacy to Our Country will Continue Unless …

When the leader of the country, headlining the daily mass and social media throughout each day presents such a many-sided decadence and criminality, it can only accelerate a decaying culture and goad his supporters into believing that they too can get away with anything

Andrea Germanos: McConnell Readies Push to Further Pack Courts With Trump’s Judicial Appointees

“It is literally sickening to see Mitch McConnell continue to indulge his partisan obsession with confirming far-right judges, instead of taking action on the Covid pandemic that continues to spin out of control.”

Lauren-Brooke Eisen: How Criminal Justice and Police Reform Fared in the Election

There was significant progress, but not across the board

Daniel Nichanian: ICE Suffered Blows in the South in Last Week’s Elections

Voters in populous Georgia and South Carolina counties elected sheriffs who ran on ending contracts with ICE

Ralph Nader: Trump’s Crime Wave Continues: Requires Biden Special Prosecutor

What Trump would like to do, health permitting is make tons of money from all his presidential favors, continue to control the GOP with mass rallies,  mass media coverage, and his own media company, and run for president in 2024

Natasha Lennard: Oregon’s Decriminalization Vote Might Be Biggest Step Yet to Ending War on Drugs

Oregon voters’ drug decriminalization applies an anti-carceral logic to more than just weed

Marc Lamont Hill: Care Not Cops

Making a Case for Abolition After Philadelphia Police Kill Walter Wallace Jr.

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