Category: Police & Prisons

F. Douglas Stephenson: Why we need to stop Warehousing the Mentally Ill in Jail

Only Private Prison Corporations Profit

Andrew Metheven: Militarism and the police

As institutions like the police and border patrol become increasingly militarized, anti-militarism needs to become a cornerstone of social movements worldwide

Lois Beckett: Factchecking the ‘crime wave’ narrative police are pushing

Homicides were up across the US in 2020 and appeared to be primarily driven by rising gun violence, but other crimes fell

Hamilton Nolan: How To Murder a Good Idea With Conventional Wisdom

“Defund the police” is a completely rational policy prescription. Political pundits don’t care

Henry A. Giroux: To End Racial Capitalism, We Will Need to Take On the Institution of Policing

Police in the United States act with impunity in targeted neighborhoods, public schools, college campuses, hospitals, and almost every other public sphere

Destiny Harris: Policing and Militarism Go Hand in Hand. We Must Abolish Both

When masses of Black people mobilize, gangs of police move in, and terrorize.

Akela Lacy: Baltimore Businesses Request Police Crackdown on Low-Level Crimes

After a shooting last weekend, the heads of 37 businesses asked city leaders to “empower police” to enforce traffic and drug laws

Andrew Bankson: Struggle against cops & prisons shake up Pittsburgh politics

In Pittsburgh, the movement for Black lives has continued to upend the local political establishment

Hamilton Nolan: The AFL-CIO Releases Its Police Reform Report, But Doesn’t Want to Talk About It

The long-awaited report affirms support for police unions, and rejects the idea of defunding the police

Melanie Brazzell: ​We keep us safe: the transformative justice movement

As calls for abolition grow louder, the queer and women of color-led movement for transformative justice offers a glimpse of a future beyond policing

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