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Shaun King: Black Police Group Supports Nike Deal with Kaepernick

Some police do stand up for Kaepernick — just not the ones that Donald Trump mentions when he sneers about the national anthem protests

Chris Hedges: The Slaves Rebel

This system will end only when those profits are wrested from the hands of our modern slaveholders. The only people who can do that are the slaves and the abolitionists who fight alongside them

Amani Sawari: After 10 Days, Prison Protests Spread to 11 States

Prisoners across the country join work stoppages, hunger strikes and commissary boycotts in at least 11 states to protest prison conditions and demand the end of what they call “prison slavery.” Organizers report prisoners in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Indiana are demonstrating. Individuals in Texas, California and Ohio have gone on hunger strike, including Read more…

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee: A Labor Day Call to Action

The End of Prison Slavery, the Rebirth of Working Class Resistance

Fizz Perkal: Incarcerated Workers Strike Against Dehumanizing Prison Conditions

A nationwide strike takes charge at everything from slavery to sentencing. Organizers say it could be the largest U.S. prison resistance action to date

Jamiles Lartey: Police accused over raids on activist’s family

Was it coincidence that a mass raid on two Memphis homes occurred on the first day of a trial in which police face claims of illegal surveillance of Black Lives Matter campaigners?

Jessica Corbett: Demanding an End to ‘Modern Day Slavery,’

“Prisoners understand they are being treated as animals. We know that our conditions are causing physical harm and deaths that could be avoided if prison policymakers actually gave a damn.”

Natasha Lennard: Brutal Prison Conditions Risk “Another Attica”

When we fail to support prison strikes, we reinforce the violence imposed by the prison system itself, allowing the voices of incarcerated people to go unheard and their lives unrecognized.

Amani Sawari: National Prison Strike Begins

Prisoners in 17 States Demand End to “Slave Labor” Behind Bars

Andrew Fan: 14 Times More Likely to Use Force Against Young Black Men

Internal Chicago police files document thousands of police uses of force over more than a decade. Nearly 90 percent were against people of color

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