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Ellen Condliffe Lagemann: The recidivism rate for graduates of the Bard Prison Initiative is 2 percent—compared to a national rate of return to prison of over 50 percent.

The following is an excerpt from the new book Liberating Minds: The Case for College in Prison by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann (The New Press, February 2017):  On a hot June day in 2008, I sat with about one hundred other visitors in the yard of the Woodbourne Correctional Facility in upstate New York. We had come for the Read more…

Laura Finley: Copping Out

I wasn’t trying to offend anyone.” This seriously has to be among the most ludicrous cop-outs of all time

Kathy Kelly: White Silence Equals Violence: Awaiting a Verdict

This morning, here in Minneapolis, I’ll learn whether six jurors believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Dan Wilson and I are criminals.  The court case stems from an action protesting the execution of Jamar Clark, age 24, who died in the early morning of November 15, 2015 outside a north Minneapolis apartment complex. Two Minneapolis Read more…

Lauren McCauley: Young Black Men Still Predominant Victims of Police Violence

According to year-end figures published Sunday by the Guardian database The Counted, “[b]lack males aged 15-34 were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by law enforcement officers last year”

Jamiles Lartey: Quarter of Inmates Could Have Been Spared Prison Without Risk

Drug treatment, community service, probation or a fine would have been a more effective sentence than incarceration

David Swanson: Black and Foreign Lives Matter: Ending Gun Violence Requires Ending War

We are seeing organized and armed and equipped police violence that newly treats its own actions like war and speaks about what it is doing as war

Timothy Braatz: The Bear Clan Patrol and Community Protection

If you want to change your world for the better, identify a local problem, find like-minded citizens, and develop nonviolent solutions

Adam Schwartz: Electronic Frontier Foundation: Police Depts. Paid ATT Millions to Scrutinize Our Texts & Chats

New details are emerging about how AT&T has been spying on Americans for profit with a secret plan called Project Hemisphere

Paul Street: Standing Rock Water-Protectors Waterboarded While the Cleveland Indians Romped

Police are criminally torturing Native American activists, placing hoods over the heads of arrestees, water boarding hooded prisoners, and forcing at least one young woman to remain naked in jail cell for an entire night

Paul Street: The Roots Are in the System: What they Police

Race riots have returned to the United States this election year, leading cable news talking heads to claim that urban violence provoked by police killings of Black men in places like Milwaukee and Charlotte, North Carolina has “discredited the cause” of racial justice

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