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Tasasha Henderson: Young People Are Leading the Growing Movement for Police-Free Schools

They are demanding that city and school district leaders reallocate funding for police into services and resources for students, including counseling, social workers and restorative justice programming

M Adams: On Community Control of Police

You need some form of organized force to deal with harm. But under community control, it would be radically different

Jessica Corbett: Shredding GOP’s Argument Against Decarceration During Pandemic

The Marshall Project, which is collecting data on Covid-19 infections at U.S. state and federal prisons in partnership with the Associated Press, reports that there have been at least 70,717 confirmed cases and 713 deaths among detainees through July 21

Alice Speri: Federal Agents at Protests Renew Calls to Dismantle Homeland Security

After months of protests demanding the defunding of police, the abduction of protesters turns the focus to Homeland Security

Jacqueline Luqman: America’s Brutal Police State Expands Its Reach In Portland

The entire history of law enforcement in this country has led us to this moment, and as much as oppressed people have tried to warn the rest of the country that this was coming, few would listen. Are you listening now?

Brandon Soderberg: Think federal cops in Portland are scary? Cops use ‘jump-out boys’ all the time

Plainclothes police ‘jump-out boys’ terrorize American cities. Sometimes they become all-out criminal gangs

Baynard Woods: Baltimore’s Violence Interrupters

One recent study of the kind of proactive policing that the VCIS and GTTF engaged in found that “contact with law enforcement predicts increases in black and Latino adolescents’ self-reported criminal behaviors 6, 12, and 18 months later.”

Joel Bleifuss: Defund the Police? Why Not?

We should not confuse public safety with investments in systems of punishment

Gene Glickman: Current and Future American Policing

“There’ll Be Some Changes Made”:

Larry Krasner: Philly DA: Trump Is a “Wannabe Fascist.” I Will Charge His Agents If They Break Law

“The law applies to the president of the United States, even though he doesn’t think so. The law applies to law enforcement. The law applies to civilians. It is real simple”

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