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Danielle Corcione: Demonstrators Occupy ICE Building in Philadelphia Amid Police Brutality

All over the United States, groups of socialists, anarchists, communists, and other leftists are camping outside ICE offices to prevent agents and their detainees from entering and exiting the buildings

Kelly Hayes: Trump Supports Another Racist March

The Chicago police are a perfect emblem of Trump’s America: white police killing Black people without consequence, and marching proudly for their right to do so

William C. Anderson: The Case for Delegitimizing the Police

We can’t say a world without police wouldn’t work when the places that supposedly “need” police have never received adequate resources to thrive

Susie Day: Trump, the NYPD and the People We Call “Animals”

Accepting that we don’t matter as much as the person in blue with the badge and the gun sets the cornerstone for an oncoming police state

Azadeh Shahshahani: US prisons & forced labor

Private prisons have for years enriched themselves by exploiting detained immigrant labor. They must be held accountable

Michael Arria: Prisoners Organizing a Nationwide Strike

Prisoners across the country say they are gearing up for an end-of-summer nationwide strike against inhumane living conditions and unpaid labor—or, in their words, “modern-day slavery”

Mariame Kaba: A Jailbreak of the Imagination

Seeing Prisons for What They Are and Demanding Transformation

Peter Bibring: Excessive Force Law

‘We Need to Change the Rules for When Police Can Shoot’

Susan Roberts: Uses for the Poor

What is most notable about this new ‘warehousing’ of the poor is just how reminiscent of early capitalism it is

Taru Taylor: The Subversion of the Fourth Amendment

From “Probable Cause” to “Reasonable Suspicion”

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