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Julie Hollar: Crime Claims of CNN’s New Police Expert Don’t Hold Up to Facts

In its latest move to the right, CNN recently hired former NYPD flack John Miller as its “chief law enforcement and intelligence analyst.”

Christopher Blackwell: Incarceration on TV Is Nothing Like the Prison Where I Live

Showcasing the most unstable of the incarcerated population spreads the false narrative that everyone in prison is a lost cause

Azadeh Shahshahani: The Surveillance State Can’t Solve White Supremacy

After the January 6 attack, federal surveillance programs expanded to counter white supremacist violence have made Black and brown communities their main target

Michael Sainato: Rattling the Bars: Unions must stand up for prisoners

Interview on why the union movement today should see the prison struggle as an essential part of the fight for justice for all workers

Lex Steppling: Los Angeles Is Creating a Model for Fighting Mass Incarceration

In the past five years, abolitionists and advocates of criminal justice reform in Los Angeles County have amassed some impressive victories—laying out a vision for reducing incarceration and providing care that could have national significance.

Ximena Soza: Carte blanche for police violence in Chile

Please Help ZNet             Source: Pressenza The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, during his campaign promised to reform the country’s uniformed police. This promise was well received by the citizenry, as a response to the discrediting of the institution, not only the historical one, due to its role during the Read more…

Elisha Brown: Southern communities launch mental health response teams without police

Please Help ZNet             Source: Facing South Photo by Fiora Watts/Shutterstock   (This story was corrected on Aug. 12 to note the hours that CALL services are available in St. Petersburg, and to clarify the percentage of suicide calls it’s diverting.) Of the 1,140 people killed by police officers last year Read more…

Sara Herschander: In Atlanta, plan for ‘Cop City’ sparks a web of resistance

Abolitionists, Indigenous leaders and artists are fiercely resisting plans for the largest police training center in the country

Olivia Campbell: COVID Ignites Long Fight for Health Care in California Prisons

Deadly COVID outbreaks in California’s prisons fed off decades of neglect—and spurred a wave of organizing that activists hope will further the push for decarceration

Alec Karakatsanis: Police Departments Spend Vast Sums of Money Creating “Copaganda”

These aggressive tactics give the public a distorted view of what public safety means, what threatens it, and how to solve it

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