Category: Police & Prisons

Ron Kim: Asian American Communities Organize Against Rise in Hate Crimes

More Policing Is Not the Answer

Benjamin Barber: Overhauling U.S. Policing

“The Whole System Needs to Be Indicted”

Dave Lindorff: Mumia Abu-Jamal, Now in His 40th Year as an Incarcerated Prisoner, Has Covid-19

Given the current pandemic medical crisis facing the US and the world, the US and all 50 states should immediately order the release of all older prisoners over the age of 50

Eve Ottenberg: American Gulag

The U.S. tops any other country in the world for its number of prisoners – over 2,300,000. China, by contrast, has roughly 200,000 prisoners

Ella Fassler: 10 Largest US Cities Will Spend More on Police Than Public Health This Year

Combined, these 10 cities’ policing budgets are 3.6 times greater than public health department budgets

Kay Whitlock: Jail Won’t Solve White Supremacist Violence. Here’s How to Truly Confront It.

At the heart of each of these approaches is a commitment to building community safety and well-being by strengthening capacity for solidarity and standing up to/dismantling white supremacist violence in its many social, cultural, political and economic guises

Sameena Rahman: Deathbed confession shines new light on assassination of Malcolm X

FBI, NYPD exposed

Ronnie Amiyn: Formerly incarcerated organizer on Feb. 6 St. Louis jail protest

Interview on the conditions in St. Louis jails, the protests and organizing of incarcerated people and the responses of jail officials and the media

Dee Knight: NYC cops Keep Rioting; Protesters Resist

In contrast to January 6 in Washington, DC, police in New York on Martin Luther King Jr. Day reverted to type. At least 29 people were arrested and multiple protesters were hospitalized when NYPD broke up a Black Lives Matter march held in honor of MLK Day

Paul Ringel: Why a Shootout Between Black Panthers and Law Enforcement 50 Years Ago Matters

A Feb. 2 poll revealed that just 36% of Black Americans trust the police, compared with 77% of white Americans

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