Category: Repression

Victoria Law: What’s Gender Got to do with Policing and Prison?

“Women are the fastest growing prison population”

Abby Martin: Two top NSA veterans Expose Shocking History of Illegal Spying

Two top NSA witnesses to the agency’s transformation into an unconstitutional surveillance apparatus following the events of 9/11 and the FBI’s determination to crack down on their dissent

Glenn Greenwald: What Excuse Remains for Obama’s Failure to Close GITMO?

The excuse-making on behalf of President Obama has always found its most extreme form when it came time to explain why he failed to fulfill his oft-stated 2008 election promise to close Guantanamo

David Swanson: $5 Billion for Child Abuse

The science has long been crystal clear: juvenile prisons are worse than nothing. They increase rather than reduce crime

Roger Annis: Ukraine: New President Escalates Austerity

The newly elected president of western Ukraine is deepening the disastrous course to civil war of his interim predecessor

Noam Chomsky: Edward Snowden, the World’s “Most Wanted Criminal”

In the past several months, we have been provided with instructive lessons on the nature of state power and the forces that drive state policy

Ipek Demirsu: The securitisation of dissent and the spectre of Gezi

Police fired teargas at demonstrators in Istanbul, attempting to enter Taksim Square to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests

Sonali Kolhatkar: How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy All Over the World

Amid the upheavals in Thailand, Ukraine and Egypt, wealthy elites have used popular movements and elections to ratify decisions in their favor

Levi Gahman: Death of a Zapatista – Neoliberalism’s Assault on Indigenous Autonomy

The Zapatista struggle continues …Subcomandante Marcos ceases to exist …Galeano lives

Henry A. Giroux: The Specter of Authoritarianism and the Future of the Left

An Interview with Henry Giroux on democracy in crisis

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