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Alfredo Lopez: Phone Surveillance ‘Reform’ Bill Passed by the House is an Obscene Joke

It just wasn’t a very good week for phones or for freedom.

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden would not get a fair trial – and Kerry is wrong

Snowden would come back home to a jail cell – and not just an ordinary cell-block but isolation in solitary confinement

Tariq Ali: Conversations in Cairo

It’s too soon to treat the events nostalgically since, according to some, they are not yet over. I’m not sure about that, but what is indisputable is that hope is dead

Thom Hartmann: Why We Need to Use Power of Jury Nullification

You declare the defendant “not guilty” regardless of the evidence and let him walk free, “nullifying” the unjust or unfair law

Norman Solomon: An Assault from Obama’s Escalating War on Journalism

So much is at stake: for whistleblowers, freedom of the press and the public’s right to know. For democracy

Juan Cole: Not Snowden but Keith Alexander

The question Mr. Williams and his guests should have been discussing is whether Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former National Security Agency head Keith Alexander are criminals

Eben Moglen: Privacy under attack

The NSA files revealed new threats to democracy

John Malkin: Police Surveillance Takes a Bite Out of Privacy, Part 2

In the Boston suburb of Brookline, Massachusetts, people decided they didn’t trust a license plate reader system that would share data outside of their community.

Julian Assange: WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA

The National Security Agency has been recording and storing nearly all the domestic (and international) phone calls from two or more target countries as of 2013

Danny Schechter: Oh, George

We need help, George, penetrating acronyms of government gone wild

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