Category: Repression

Graeme Herbert: From Crisis to Crisis in Spain

On March 22, demonstrators from across Spain converged on Madrid. The size of the protest was impressive

Afrodity Giannakis: Greece: Open War Against The Majority

New austerity measures passed by the Greek parliamentto gives the final blow to remaining workers’ and pension rights, the country’s economy and public ownership of land and services

David Swanson: AP Re-Used Three-Year-Old Article on Torture Report

During the past eight years, thousands of U.S. news reports have discussed the possibility of criminalizing torture, without noting that it already is criminal

Glenn Greenwald: NSA Blows Its Own Secrets in Order to Propagandize

Over the last 40 years, the U.S. government has relied on extreme fear-mongering to demonize transparency

Juan Cole: Egypt Shocks the World

An Egyptian court in the provincial center of El Minya on Monday shocked the world by sentencing 528 persons to death

Glenn Greenwald: Obama’s New NSA Proposal

As always with Obama, it remains to be seen whether his words will be followed by any real corresponding actions

Medea Benjamin: Egypt Kangaroo Court Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters to Death

The Egyptian court has just handed down one of the most grotesque sentences in Egyptian history, condemning 529 people to death

Ryan Gallagher: Hunting and Hacking System Administrators

Across the world, people who work as system administrators keep computer networks in order – and this has turned them into unwitting targets of the National Security Agency

Medea Benjamin: Why I Didn’t Make it to Gaza for International Women’s Day

When I boarded the plane to Cairo, Egypt, to make sure everything was in place for the women’s delegation headed to Gaza, I had no reason to think I’d end up in a jail cell at the Cairo airport

Norman Solomon: The Feinstein Syndrome

“The Fourth Amendment for Me, But Not for Thee”

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