Category: Repression

Jonathan Cook: CIA plan to poison Assange wasn’t needed. The US found a ‘lawful’ way to disappear him

The US was also able to manipulate the legal processes in both Sweden and the UK to engineer Assange’s effective incarceration all that time

Max Elbaum: Arizona Audit Fuels the MAGA Coup Express

The extensive preparations underway for 2022 and 2024 by the host of progressive and left groups that threw down to beat Trump in 2020 are the reasons we can succeed

Maxine Waters: End “Inhumane” Deportation & Whipping of Haitian Asylum Seekers

U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback were filmed chasing, grabbing and whipping Haitian asylum seekers who had gathered in a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas

Martha Burk: A Chill Wind: Texas Unleashes Bounty Hunters on Women

For now, the Supreme Court has allowed Texas to sic bounty hunters on women seeking constitutionally protected abortions

Marjorie Cohn: Justice Department Fights Back Against Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Outlawing abortion will not prevent abortions. It will prevent safe abortions from occurring within the state

Max Elbaum: Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power

The more we contribute to beating the MAGA Faction in this round of voting, the better positioned we are to push further toward the multiracial democracy, transformed economy, and changed relationship with the planet

Then24: World leaders warn “fears of a coup” September 7 in Brazil

Former presidents, academics, and world leaders cautioned that on September 7, 2021 “an insurrection will endanger democracy in Brazil”

Marjorie Cohn: SCOTUS Ruling Allows Texas to Deputize Citizens as Anti-Abortion Police

Donald Trump’s installation of three radical right-wing “justices” on the Supreme Court is paying off for the forces trying to overturn Roe v. Wade

Juan Cole: Don’t Compare Texas Abortion law to Islamic Law

Most Muslims are and have been More Liberal

Brittney McNamara: What the Texas Abortion Ban Means For People Seeking an Abortion

The bill allows private citizens to file civil lawsuits against anyone they believe “aids and abets.”

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