Category: Repression

Nancy Northup: RIP Roe v. Wade?

SCOTUS Won’t Block Texas Abortion Ban That Is “Clearly an Unconstitutional Law”​​

Natasha Lennard: The Supreme Court Will Not Save Us From the Decimation of Abortion Rights

With Texas all but banning abortion and endorsing a repugnant vigilantism, we need to look for other ways to protect access to abortion

Jake Johnson: Roe v. Wade in Grave Danger

“Access to almost all abortion has just been cut off for millions of people. The impact will be immediate and devastating.”

Ted Glick: Voting Rights Now

I’m afraid that too many of us who haven’t directly experienced voter suppression—white people—look upon the right to vote too intellectually, and not from the heart

Matthew Rozsa: McCarthy was never defeated — Trump now leads the movement he created

McCarthy dreamed of a right-wing movement rooted in bigotry, demagoguery and false accusations. Well, here it is

Murtaza Hussain: Post-9/11 Stings Targeted People Who Posed No Threat

They Remain in Prison

John Feffer: Saving Democracy by Destroying It

America desperately needs a dose of its own medicine of democracy promotion

David Renton: Deplatforming: The Risk of Success

Insofar as the left prioritizes deplatforming over other anti-fascist strategies, we contribute to a political culture that is polarized around values, rather than the debate we want to have about power and class

Richard Falk: Demonizing Durban

It is no longer plausible to contend that associating Israeli treatment of the Palestinian people as antisemitic

George Monbiot: How to Rule Forever

From silencing opponents to spying on citizens, the world’s authoritarians are refining a strategy for perpetual rule

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