Category: Repression

Andrew Metheven: Militarism and the police

As institutions like the police and border patrol become increasingly militarized, anti-militarism needs to become a cornerstone of social movements worldwide

Kenny Stancil: ‘One Speech… Isn’t Enough’

Progressives Call on Biden to Get Tough on Voting Rights

Jim Hightower: The GOP Is Trying to Outlaw Democracy

The more Americans vote, the stronger our democracy. For Republican lawmakers, that’s a problem

Alfred W. McCoy: America’s Drug Wars

Fifty Years of Reinforcing Racism

Tom H. Hastings: Supreme suppression

The Trump/McConnell-packed Supreme Court has begun to live up to the fondest hopes of fascist Republicans

Jessica Corbett: Supreme Court Delivers Blow to the Voting Rights Act

After SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Limits, Congress Urged to Protect Voters and Expand Court

Sasha Abramsky: Trumpists Have Made Alarming Advances in Their Quest to Control Elections

State lawmakers in one state after the next have moved to embrace Trump’s fantasies about rigged elections and massive fraudulent voting

Alex Henderson: GOP ‘indoctrination’ law a ‘disgraceful’ attack on free speech

“First Amendment experts say the Florida law is unconstitutional and will do the opposite of what it purports to”

Gar W. Lipow: The “Make the Bastards Pay” Tax

Let’s not sneer at any tactic that slows the conversion of our oligarchy with minor democratic characteristics into a full-fledged authoritarian dictatorship

Julia Conley: ‘Sounds Like Fascism’

DeSantis Signs Law to Collect Political Views of Professors

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