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Janet Allon: Why Trump’s Nominee for Health Secretary, Tom Price, Is Completely Terrifying

Sen. Charles Schumer: “His appointment is akin to having the fox guard the henhouse.”

Patrick Cockburn: Despite the New York Times liberal wishful thinking, Donald Trump is still in favor of waterboarding

Where does Donald Trump stand on the use of torture by US security agencies? During the presidential election campaign he notoriously recommended a return to waterboarding, the repeated near-drowning of detainees that was banned by President Obama in 2009. But last week The New York Times reported that in an interview with its senior staff, Read more…

Russell Mokhiber: Now is the Time for Trump to Move to Single Payer

The economic argument for single payer is slam dunk and will win the day

Sarah Kliff: Trump does have an Obamacare replacement plan — and it would cause 21 million to lose coverage

Trumpcare would cost more than Obamacare — and cover fewer people

Bernie Sanders: Sanders and Nurses Join Forces to Fight Trump and Establishment Democrats

National Nurses United also attempted to deliver a letter calling on Senator Mitch McConnell to not privatize Medicare and instead implement a single-payer system

Gary Olson: A Satire on Impermissible Satire

Mr. Robert Walpole Editor-in-Chief The Onion 1000 Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60611 Dear Mr. Walpole: I read in The Atlantic that Cole Bolton, The Onion’s editor in 2015, said that his publication is devoted to “calling out bullshit” and has “had an anti-corporate rebellious streak throughout [their] editorial history.”[1] Taking that mission seriously, I submit Read more…

Mark Schuller: As World Looks Elsewhere, Haiti’s Disaster Just Beginning

This lack of urgency is deadly. The real disaster – chronic hunger, food insecurity, and dependency – is yet to come

Adam Parsons: Humanity Without Borders

Before the summit convened, it was already clear that rich governments would not be placing the needs of refugees and migrants above their narrow national self-interest.

George Monbiot: There Is Such a Thing As Society

Of all the fantasies human beings entertain, the idea that we can go it alone is the most absurd and perhaps the most dangerous. We stand together, or we fall apart

Teesta Setalvad: Why Universities Are a Key Battleground for Human Rights in India

Caste discrimination is the ugly underbelly of India’s higher education system

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