Category: Social Policy

Austin Ahlman: “We Will Primary Everybody”

Democrats Don’t Have a Plan, but Abortion Rights Activists Do

Anne Rumberger: The Abortion Rights Movement Must Now Turn to Grassroots Organizing and Direct Action

Millions of people are pissed off and ready to fight for reproductive freedom — and they aren’t looking to the Democrats to save them

William rivers Pitt: Experts Are Worried About the Potential of Another Brutal COVID Winter

Let us find our way to the new year without walking on a road of bones, again

Patrick Cockburn: How Polio Shaped My Life

One great difference between the two epidemics and their consequences is that Covid-19 killed far more people

Julia Conley: ‘Yeah, And?’

Ocasio-Cortez Embraces GOP Freakout Over Helping Women Skirt Abortion Bans

David Sirota: Democratic Leaders Don’t Fear Their Own Base. They Should

Democrats have reneged on their longtime promise to codify Roe v. Wade every time they’ve held power

Lillian Cicerchia: Voting Harder Won’t Bring Back Roe

We need an abortion rights movement that organizes beyond individual elections and fights for reproductive freedom as part of a federal universal health plan

Pema Levy: The Supreme Court Is Waging a Full-Scale War on Modern Life

The project that the conservative majority has undertaken is far more extreme than just going back to pre-Roe

Molly Shah: Yes, the death of Roe is ‘that bad’

The bastards did it, Roe v. Wade is dead, and anyone telling you it won’t be ‘that bad’ is lying to you.

Linda C. McClain: Roe overturned: What you need to know about the Supreme Court abortion decision

The Supreme Court’s rolling back a right that has been recognized for 50 years puts the U.S. in the minority of nations

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