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Achal Prabhala: Stop Exporting Indian-Made Vaccines to Rich Nations

More than a dozen civil society groups in India have written an open urging Johnson & Johnson to cancel export of Indian-made COVID-19 vaccine doses to rich countries and instead focus on distributing them in the Global South

Max Elbaum: Trump, Texas, and the MAGA Drive for Power

The more we contribute to beating the MAGA Faction in this round of voting, the better positioned we are to push further toward the multiracial democracy, transformed economy, and changed relationship with the planet

Mark Weisbrot: Republicans blocking desperately needed pandemic relief for the world’s poor

Allowing the IMF to issue $1.5 trillion in special drawing rights would save countless lives and wouldn’t cost U.S. taxpayers a dime

Tatiana McInnis: Pedagogy of the Apocalypse

In a year filled with trauma, a university professor learns how to support her students

Alex Lawson: We’re Going to Take on Big Pharma and Win

Any politician who puts Pharma profits before the needs of their constituents will lose their jobs. And they will deserve it

Silvia Secchi: Teaching Without Mask and Vaccine Mandates

At the University of Iowa, faculty are forbidden from asking students to wear masks in classrooms or offices

Tom H. Hastings: We are being out-evolved

As each new meteorological record for heat was smashed again and again, Detroit and the American consumer yawned

Elaine Batchlor: I’m a Black Doctor. My Mom Still Won’t Get Vaccinated.

I’m frustrated, but I can’t really blame her. Here’s why.

Katherine Miller: We Found Rage In A Hopeless Place

A lot of people thought this summer would be great, but most people seem totally fried and at loose ends instead — expectations keep getting subverted, and anger keeps flowing into the void

William rivers Pitt: As Delta Surges, Other Variants Wait in the Wings. Biden Must Take Action.

Put simply, there is deep fear within viral research circles that the mutations found in Mu may allow the variant to defeat our vaccine-enhanced immunity

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