Category: Social Policy

Martha Rosenberg: Making People Unhealthier Across the Globe

Developing countries are a hot market for Big Food’s high-calorie junk food

Josh Hoxie: Join the Civilized World

America is ready for Sanders-style universal health coverage.

John Kiriakou: Harvard Picks Torture

The goal is to ruin you permanently, to make an example of you so that other people don’t take your cue and blow the whistle on waste, fraud, abuse, and illegality

Robert jay Lifton: Trump Is a Danger to Us All

“We have a duty to warn if someone may be dangerous to others”

Mark Dudzic: Unions and Medicare for All

Labor Notes: After beating back repeal of the Affordable Care Act this summer, where is the movement to win Medicare for All? Mark Dudzic: It’s a very exciting moment. The ground has shifted. It’s become a unifying issue for the resistance to Trump. People are looking for what they want to fight for rather than Read more…

Bernie Sanders: Why We Need Medicare for All

Now is the time for Congress to stand with the American people and take on the special interests that dominate health care in the United States. Now is the time to extend Medicare to everyone.

Jake Johnson: Medicare for All

‘Everyone Covered, No One Goes Broke’

Cal Winslow: Trouble in Napa

Hospital Workers in Fight for their Union

Lawrence King: Monopoly Power into Political Power

Interview on how the pharma industry converts intellectual property rights into inordinate profits and uses these for political power to maintain its privileged position

Margaret Flowers: Billions for Insurers, Medicare for All

The people have the power to finally make the government do the right thing. No more compromises. No more false solutions. Onward to National Improved Medicare for All

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