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Elizabeth Oram: Dollar Meals and Diabetes

Logan County is ground zero for another battle—the struggle to survive in a region with the highest rates of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) in the country

Leslie D. Gregory: Impeachment (and removal): Good for public health

Funding for mental health care for military members is woefully inadequate–in an era when Trump is radically increasing funding for more nuclear weapons–the ultimate threat ever made to public health

Richard Falk: Health and Human Rights in Gaza: Shame on the World

Despite present appearances to the contrary, I am confident that justice will prevail, that Palestinians will achieve their rights, and surprise the world as did the opponents of South African apartheid a generation ago

Daniel Ellsberg: The President is a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution

The president is a domestic enemy of the universal code of military justice, the heart of military law

Robert Fisk: Pompeo Scorns the Law Because He’s Never Had to Follow It

Did US secretaries of state always lie so brazenly, so frighteningly, so mendaciously, so utterly without conscience?

John Feffer: Don’t Just Focus on Trump’s Crimes at Home

Trump’s war on the law extends beyond flouting Congress and packing courts — overseas, it extends to arguable crimes against humanity

Bob Lord: Health Care and ‘Head Taxes’: An Unhealthy Combination

We need to fix the health care system that has Joe Six-Pack paying the same basic tax as Jeff Bezos

Lindsay Koshgarian: Medicare for All, or Endless War?

We could easily fund health care for all by ending military boondoggles and fruitless wars. Here’s how.

Patrick Cockburn: UK failure in Iraq and Afghanistan highlighted by war crime claims

If true, claims would be in keeping with UK’s completely dismal record in both theatres of conflict

Emily Holden: Tens of Thousands of Deaths Linked to Weak US Air Pollution Rules

Researchers linked nine causes of death with a certain type pollution when reviewing medical records of deceased veterans

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