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Mark Weisbrot: Is Human Rights Watch Too Closely Aligned With U.S. Foreign Policy?

It is vitally important that human-rights organizations stick to their avowed principles and defend human rights without regard to the objectives of US foreign policy

George Monbiot: Carmageddon Beckons

Car use takes a huge toll on our health and on the planet. We need to kick our addiction to driving

Richard Falk: Testing for the Mental Disabilities of U.S. Presidential Candidates

The Trump candidacy is certainly not the first time that a demagogue’s manifest mental disorders are a principal explanation of his passionate populist support, but it could be the last time

Valeria Pelet: Puerto Rico’s Invisible Health Crisis

The island of Vieques has some of the highest sickness rates in the Caribbean. Is the U.S. Navy responsible?

Adam Gaffney: Socialize the EpiPen

The EpiPen mess shows that we need drugs that function as real social goods, not rent-producing commodities

Marjorie Cohn: Abu Zubaydah: Torture’s ‘Poster Child’

Zubaydah was tortured repeatedly at the “black sites,” where the CIA subjected him to waterboarding 83 times

Janet Reitman: Zika: The Epidemic at America’s Door

Zika may have already infected 80,000 Americans, just in Puerto Rico, and Congress has refused to act — what if Miami or New York is next?

Vandana Shiva: Biodiversity & GMOs

Gene Drives have been called “mutagenic chain reactions,” and are to the biological world what chain reactions are to the nuclear world. The Guardian describes Gene Drives as the “gene bomb.”

Sonia Shah: Do the Olympics Actually Make the World Less Healthy?

If Zika does expand thanks to the Olympics, it won’t be the first pathogen to exploit a mass sporting event

Russell Mokhiber: Save the Patients

Meet Richard Larison. He is the CEO of Chase Brexton, a community health center in Baltimore. Larison’s days as CEO are numbered. Why? Perhaps it’s the nature of his opposition, which gathered in front of Chase Brexton in downtown Baltimore yesterday to demand his removal. There were none of the typically lame chants like — Read more…

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