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Richard Falk: On the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I do not think the Declaration is obsolete or even anachronistic, although it needs to be updated in various ways to take account of the distinct human rights challenges posed by the realities of the digital age

Sam Pizzigati: Making Millions Misleading Cancer Patients

Cancer is also helping some Americans become exceedingly rich. And these Americans will do most anything to keep their windfalls coming, even prey on the fragile psyches of the families cancer strikes

Meredith Wadman: Trump admin quietly barred NIH scientists from acquiring fetal tissue

The suspension, imposed this past September without a public announcement, came as the government launched a review of all fetal tissue research funded by the federal government

Bernie Sanders: Medicare for All, Green New Deal & the Stop BEZOS Act

Interview on efforts to pass a Green New Deal, raise the minimum wage and protect Social Security

Glenn Greenwald: Addiction, Depression, and the Opioid Epidemic

What Are They Telling Us?

Vijay Prashad: What’s keeping the world from ending AIDS

There is virtually no outrage at the IMF policy framework that destroys the health-care infrastructure in the Global South

Martha Rosenberg: Opioids for Depression?

Not So Fast Says An FDA Advisory Committee

Martha Rosenberg: Getting Dangerous, Expensive Drugs in Your Medicine Cabinet

A look at medical conflicts of interest

Neve Gordon: Branding migrants ‘human shields’ has a deadly motive

As the migrant caravan works its way north, and is further demonized for doing so, the world should reflect on this and how one of the pillars of international law – the category of civilian – is being eroded

Ramzy Baroud: In Breach of Human Rights

Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty against Palestinians

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