Category: Social Policy

Andrea Germanos: Expanded Global Gag Rule

Trump Escalates Attack on Healthcare, Women

Robert Fisk: When military wars end, medical ones begin

Tissue samples from the three-week 2008-2009 Israeli-Hamas Gaza war shows remnants of heavy metals in the wounds of Palestinians which can lead to cancers

Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez: The Oppressive History of the Birth Industry

Acknowledging the whiteness of the birth industry means coming to terms with this fact and finding a way to transform an anti-Black institution

Tamara Pearson: Chocolate as Resistance

Mexico’s Rich Chocolate Traditions Defy Corporate Globalization

Juan Cole: GOP Greatest Threat to Mothers

Insurance companies in the US before Obamacare considered the male body the default

RoseAnn DeMoro: Marquis de Sade Health Care

The atrocious Trumpcare bill undermines Medicaid, employer-based coverage, and so much else

Madlen Davies: Big Pharma’s pollution creating deadly superbugs

Environmental standards do not feature in international regulations governing drug production

Matthew Sedacca: Your Life Is Worth About $10,000

Why most of the tobacco epidemic remains in our future

Amy Goodman: Pigs Don’t Fly but Their Feces Do

Despite the enormous impact on so many residents, factory farming has its loyal defenders in the North Carolina Legislature

Chauncey DeVega: The party of death

New data and the health care debate reveal how Republicans feel about poor people who get sick: They think they deserve it

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