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Jeff Cohen: Seven Pointed Questions for Corporate Media About Their Biases

Bias is stark when journalists obsess on the estimated cost of reform while ignoring the estimated cost of the status quo

Karen J. Greenberg: Guantánamo’s Indelible Legacy

Or How This Became a Gitmo World

Lindsay Koshgarian: Yes, We Can Cut the Pentagon to Pay for Medicare for All

The truth is that the reality of Medicare for All could actually save money compared to the current system, if deeper cost savings could be achieved

Leslie D. Gregory: Sowing division, reaping lives

It’s textbook Institutional Racism. Did Trump say out loud, “I’m going to gut the original environmental law of the US and it will affect everyone’s health negatively but the health of black and brown people the most?” Of course not. But that is exactly what is afoot with his intention to roll back major portions of Read more…

Sharon Lerner: The War on the War on Cancer

Trump’s Gutting of Toxics Regulations Will Mean Higher Profits for Polluters and Higher Cancer Rates for the American People

David Rosen: Despair in America

The Unspoken Issue of the 2020 Election

Philip Weiss: ICC will likely throw out Palestine’s case for war crimes

“The battle is going to be played out behind closed doors and in the court of public opinion”

Mark Harris: Spray Now, Ask Questions Later

Over the course of time industrial capitalism has exposed humans to leaded gasoline, asbestos, cigarettes, DDT, smog, toxic chemicals in water and food, and fossil fuel pollution that now threatens to denigrate the climate to the point of no return

Ramzy Baroud: Justice at Last?

‘Panic’ in Israel as the ICC Takes ‘Momentous Step’ in the Right Direction

Martha Rosenberg: New Year’s Resolutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We admit that pricing drugs at $52,321.80 a month (Actimmune), $42,570 a month (Chenoda) or $87,800 for a course of treatment (Harvoni) is extortion. Frankly we’re amazed we have gotten away with it.

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