Category: Human Rights

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Toward A New Universal Declaration of Human Rights I

The supposed historic triumph of human rights is leading to an unprecedented degradation of the expectations of a decent life for the majority of the world’s population

Karen J. Greenberg: Guantánamo’s Indelible Legacy

Or How This Became a Gitmo World

Philip Weiss: ICC will likely throw out Palestine’s case for war crimes

“The battle is going to be played out behind closed doors and in the court of public opinion”

Ramzy Baroud: Justice at Last?

‘Panic’ in Israel as the ICC Takes ‘Momentous Step’ in the Right Direction

Marjorie Cohn: Palestinians Decry ICC Prosecutor’s Delay of Israeli War Crimes Investigation

In a significant development for Israeli accountability, Fatou Bensouda, chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), seeks to launch an investigation into war crimes committed in Palestine

Ramzy Baroud: From a blessing to a curse

How UN resolution 2334 accelerated Israel’s colonisation in the West Bank

Richard Falk: Health and Human Rights in Gaza: Shame on the World

Despite present appearances to the contrary, I am confident that justice will prevail, that Palestinians will achieve their rights, and surprise the world as did the opponents of South African apartheid a generation ago

Daniel Ellsberg: The President is a Domestic Enemy of the Constitution

The president is a domestic enemy of the universal code of military justice, the heart of military law

Robert Fisk: Pompeo Scorns the Law Because He’s Never Had to Follow It

Did US secretaries of state always lie so brazenly, so frighteningly, so mendaciously, so utterly without conscience?

John Feffer: Don’t Just Focus on Trump’s Crimes at Home

Trump’s war on the law extends beyond flouting Congress and packing courts — overseas, it extends to arguable crimes against humanity

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