Category: Human Rights

Christopher Fons: The Crimes of Elliot Abrams

Elliot Abrams is a cipher for US imperialism in Latin America and the world

Jonathan Cook: In Hebron, Israel removes the last restraint on its settlers’ reign of terror

You might imagine that a report by a multinational observer force documenting a 20-year reign of terror by Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers against Palestinians would provoke condemnation from European and US politicians

Mel Gurtov: Weaponizing Humanitarian Aid

The Trump administration is explicitly using humanitarian aid as another weapon to sanction adversaries

Richard Falk: On the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

I do not think the Declaration is obsolete or even anachronistic, although it needs to be updated in various ways to take account of the distinct human rights challenges posed by the realities of the digital age

Neve Gordon: Branding migrants ‘human shields’ has a deadly motive

As the migrant caravan works its way north, and is further demonized for doing so, the world should reflect on this and how one of the pillars of international law – the category of civilian – is being eroded

Ramzy Baroud: In Breach of Human Rights

Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty against Palestinians

Kathy Kelly: Condemning Saudi Cruelty in Yemen

Interview on a campaign to end U.S. military and economic warfare

Pete Dolack: Why do Yemen’s dead not merit the attention of Jamal Khashoggi?

Why are millions of lives almost an afterthought while one privileged life merits such intense attention?

Patrick Cockburn: Saudi Atrocities in Yemen

The lack of international protests over the war in Yemen, and the involvement of the US and UK as allies of Saudi Arabia and UAE, helps explain one of the mysteries of the Khashoggi disappearance

Peter Dimock: Symmetry in Kavanaugh’s Testimonies on Torture and Sexual Misconduct

Both perpetrate a formally sanctioned illicit unchecked violence exercised without accountability against devalued, defenseless persons.

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