Category: Human Rights

Steven Feldstein: US airstrikes are killing more civilians

The specter of massive civilian casualties will remain a rallying point for new terrorist organizations long after anti-IS operations conclude

Karen J. Greenberg: “Enemy Combatants” Again?

Will Washington Never Learn?

Mohammed Nuruzzaman: Rohingya Genocide

Why isn’t the World Community Doing Something?

Kathy Kelly: Great Hunger

Violence spreads the famine, and the famine will spread violence.

Mike Hastie: Voices From Vietnam

On The Purposeful Killing of Civilians in War

Heather Gies: Fighting The Global Food Crisis

Tackling problems underlying the food crisis demands that producers and consumers recognize that the causes of opposing crises of malnutrition and obesity are one in the same: an undemocratic, corporate-controlled food system

John Feffer: Engaging North Korea on Human Rights

North Korea has the worst human rights record of any country in the world except perhaps Eritrea and Syria. There is, however, a curious exception to this record: disability rights. This case offers a powerful counter-example of successful engagement in an arena where the country normally experiences nothing but universal condemnation. For nearly two decades, Read more…

Baher Kamal: World Hunger Rising

Exacerbated by climate-related shocks, increasing conflicts have been a key driver of severe food crisis and recently re-emerged famines, a major United Nations joint report has just revealed

Eoin Higgins: Education in Torture

At Harvard, Chelsea Manning Lost Her Fellowship. At Fordham, a Former CIA Torture Proponent Kept His

John Kiriakou: Harvard Picks Torture

The goal is to ruin you permanently, to make an example of you so that other people don’t take your cue and blow the whistle on waste, fraud, abuse, and illegality

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