Category: Human Rights

Giuliano Battiston: Afghanistan Is Starving, but the Taliban Can Only Govern Women’s Clothing

There is an unprecedented economic and humanitarian crisis as the Taliban, divided and without a strategy, rely on edicts against women and repression

Sara Sirota: U.S. Demands Russian War Crime Prosecution While Neglecting Its Own Accountability

The Defense Department promised a memo on mitigating U.S.-inflicted civilian harm in April. With the deadline passed, Congress members call for an ICC investigation — of Russia

Farrah Hassen: How the U.S. Can Help Get Justice for Ukrainians

If we want the International Criminal Court to investigate Russia, we need to stop undermining it ourselves

Noam Chomsky: Our Priority on Ukraine Should Be Saving Lives, Not Punishing Russia

The phrase “all options are on the table” is normal in what passes for statecraft in the U.S. and U.K. — all in direct violation of the UN Charter

Marjorie Cohn: After Undermining International Criminal Court, US Now Wants It to Charge Russians

What’s good for the Russian goose should also be good for the U.S. gander

Dave Lindorff: Why Hasn’t the US Been Kicked off the UN Human Rights Council?

It’s embarrassing to be a journalist these days in the US where a 1960s Pravda-like squad of lickspittle stenographers posing as reporters dutifully report on Russia’s latest crimes in Ukraine

Medea Benjamin: Women’s Delegation Urges U.S. & Europe to Unfreeze Afghan Funds

Interview on the release of funding for Afghan civilians

Jake Johnson: Afghanistan Facing ‘Total Collapse’

Biden Refuses to Release Central Bank Assets

Shuaib Almosawa: As U.S. Focuses on Ukraine, Yemen Starves

Biden vowed to stop supporting the Saudi-led war. A year later, Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is worse by many accounts than when Trump was president

Mark Weisbrot: Biden’s Sanctions on Afghanistan

The economic sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies are causing widespread, severe hunger in this desperately poor country

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