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Marjorie Cohn: Biden Tells Supreme Court That Publicly Documented Torture Is a State Secret

This case is a pivotal test of the willingness of the Supreme Court to check and balance the executive when it perpetrates torture and other war crimes in its “war on terror”

Marjorie Cohn: War in Afghanistan Isn’t Over — It’s Taking the Form of Illegal Drone Strikes

U.S. military and CIA drone attacks have killed an estimated 9,000 to 17,000 people since 2004, including 2,200 children and several U.S. citizens

Maxine Waters: End “Inhumane” Deportation & Whipping of Haitian Asylum Seekers

U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback were filmed chasing, grabbing and whipping Haitian asylum seekers who had gathered in a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas

Marjorie Cohn: Samuel Moyn’s Unprincipled Attack on Human Rights Giant Michael Ratner Is Shameful

To suggest, as Moyn cynically does, that Michael Ratner has prolonged wars by enforcing the rights of the most vulnerable, is sheer nonsense

Jon Schwarz: A Short History of U.S. Bombing of Civilian Facilities

What’s unusual about the Kunduz hospital bombing is not that it happened but that it happened to a prominent European organization. In recent times, the U.S. military has bombed a number of civilian facilities

Marjorie Cohn: As Biden Threatens More War, Don’t Forget the Afghanistan Invasion Was Illegal

Missing from the national discourse is analysis of the illegality of the 2001 U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan and resulting war crimes committed by four U.S. presidents and their top officials and lawyers

Ray McGovern: Hold the Generals Accountable This Time

Accountability and effective civilian control of such general officers can prevent the next March of Folly

Phyllis Bennis: War Criminal Found Dead at 88

The human and economic costs of Donald Rumsfeld’s wars are staggering

Tamara Nassar: Israel kills Palestinian child as settlers steal land

Please Help ZNet         Source: The Electronic Intifada Israeli forces fatally shot a woman and a child in two separate incidents in the occupied West Bank over the weekend. A 16-year-old Palestinian boy was killed by Israeli soldiers in Beita village, near Nablus, on 11 June. Israeli forces shot Muhammad Said Hamayel Read more…

Juan Cole: Was Mark Ruffalo wrong to accuse Israel of Genocide?

The precise characterization is less important than an acknowledgment that it is wrong to keep Palestinians in a condition of statelessness and without basic human rights

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