Category: Human Rights

Julie Hollar: Biden’s Multi-Billion Afghan Theft Gets Scant Mention on TV News

Despite their wailing about the Taliban’s impact on Afghan women’s futures, few in US TV news seem concerned about those same women facing starvation as a result of US policy

Various Contributors: Biden Must Immediately Unfreeze Afghanistan’s Assets and End Sanctions

The worst humanitarian catastrophe on earth is unfolding before our eyes

Chris Gelardi: Biden Is Fine With Mass Civilian Death

The hoarding of Afghanistan’s foreign reserves is a striking example of the administration’s capacity for brutality

Brett Wilkins: Ilhan Omar Blasts ‘Unconscionable’ Biden Plan to Seize Afghan Assets

“President Biden has the opportunity to make amends right now! He can unfreeze the funds belonging to the Afghan people,” said one 9/11 widow

Ben Jamal: Israeli apartheid: an international consensus

A look at the impact of Amnesty International naming Israel’s apartheid crimes

Vijay Prashad: The Terrible Fate Facing the Afghan People

The United Nations has, meanwhile, warned that approximately 23 million Afghans—about half the total population of the country—are “facing a record level of acute hunger.”

Jon Queally: Biden to Permanently Seize Afghan Assets

‘Death Sentence for Untold Numbers of Civilians’

Farrah Hassen: Gitmo’s Shameful Twentieth Anniversary

It is time for President Biden to turn the page once and for all on this sordid chapter in our nation’s history

Julie Hollar: Media Forget Afghan Plight as US Sanctions Drive Mass Famine Risk

Four months later, as those same citizens have been plunged into a humanitarian crisis due in no small part to US sanctions, where is the outrage?

Norman Solomon: The Pentagon’s 20-Year Killing Spree Has Always Treated Civilians as Expendable

The killings have resulted from policies that gave very low priority to prevention of civilian deaths

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