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Sharon Lerner: Despite Hype, Gilead’s Remdesivir Will Do Nothing to End Pandemic

While the company’s clever rollout has generated excitement among investors, politicians, and the public, a combination of generic drugs that appears to be more effective in fighting the coronavirus has flown under the radar

Mara Dolan: Hawaii Considers an Explicitly Feminist Plan for COVID-Era Economic Recovery

“The road to economic recovery should not be across women’s backs,” reads the first sentence of Hawaii’s Feminist Economic Recovery Plan

Sonali Kolhatkar: For America’s Wealthiest, the Pandemic Is a Time to Profit

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the rich are getting richer and bolder in their fight against working Americans

Amanda Priebe: Towards a borderless world where we can all “just stay home”

Now may be a strange time to call for border abolition, but as the pandemic has shown: we are collectively no safer than the least protected among us

George Monbiot: The Machine Stops

The government knowingly and deliberately de-prepared the UK, even as the pandemic began to bite

Sam Pizzigati: The Inefficient and Incredibly Lucrative Chase for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Our hottest biotech firm hasn’t yet manufactured an antidote to Covid-19. The company has manufactured three billionaires

Stephanie Woodard: Sioux Tribes Are Protecting Their People from Pandemic

The Governor Is Trying to Stop Them

Sam Biddle: Coronavirus Monitoring Bracelets Flood Market

Ready to Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance

Patrick Cockburn: Governments are Using COVID-19 Crisis to Crush Free Speech

Great disasters shine a bright light on the incompetence and greed of the powers-that-be, exposing them for what they are. No wonder they see independent journalists as dangerous foes, “non-humans” to be silenced wherever possible

Gary Joad: Nearly 1.5 million health care workers laid off in pandemic-fueled jobs massacre

Hospitals and other medical facilities, guided by market forces, are closing or laying off large sections of their workforces

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