Category: Reimagining Society

Kate Shea Baird: Lessons from the pandemic for the municipalists in Spain

The pandemic has damaged municipalism in Barcelona, but it has strengthened the municipalist hypothesis itself: our strength must be rooted in togetherness

Dilar Dirik: Unbowed

Turkey is bent on extinguishing a beacon of women’s liberation in northern Syria. But the women of Rojava are not giving up

Harley Geffner: Revolution in the streets of Los Angeles

As the Black Lives Matter protests enter their fourth week, the movement is beginning to create the foundations of a more just society

Laura Roth: Municipalist Politics and the Specter of Emancipation

The past decade saw the rise of a new emancipatory politics, embodied in Spain’s municipalist movement. But to build the new, one must first overcome the old.

Ola Innset: Workers of Europe: Compete

In response to neoliberalism’s internationalism, European workers have turned to the nation state. It is time for the left to reclaim the narrative

Michael Albert: Pandemic Prospects

There are big issues. They matter to society hugely. Things like why does an economic and social system foresee the arrival of pandemics, as ours did, but then not prepare to reduce their effects? Short answer, it wasn’t seen as short-run profitable to prepare. Market rules. But there are also more personal and immediate questions. Read more…

Pierre Dardot: The Gilets Jaunes and the Invention of the Future

The politics of the Gilets Jaunes are often misunderstood or overlooked, yet the movement should be a point of reference for struggles across Europe

Justin Podur: Policing Is Irrelevant for Public Safety

Here Are Some Alternatives That Are Proven to Work

Anna V. Smith: There’s already an alternative to calling the police

A 31-year-old program in Eugene, Oregon, is a model in de-escalating situations that could end with law enforcement violence

Progressive International: “Solidarity means dismantling the system everywhere”

A new solidarity movement is rising. From Los Angeles to Sao Paulo, Minneapolis to London, “Black Lives Matter” is a cry and a demand heard around the world.

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