Category: Reimagining Society

Immanuel Wallerstein: How to Fight a Class Struggle

In a structural crisis, the left needs to pursue a policy of seeking in the very short run both state power in order to minimize the pain for the lower 99 percent of the population and in the middle run to pursue a cultural transformation of everyone

George Monbiot: Mutually Assured Salvation

A world-changing experiment in London’s poorest borough shows how to break out of our disastrous spiral of alienation

Kevin B. Anderson: Insurrectionist overtones

Whether a truly revolutionary movement, based on solid theoretical ground, can arise in France or elsewhere remains the question

Victor Grossman: Rosa and Karl – 100th Anniversary

A large proportion of working people are indeed dissatisfied, often angry, even many Germans. But few are considering any such revolution

Michael Albert: Interview with Michael Albert at launch of Collaboration for Change

You could lose, lose, lose and completely lose. But if you learn from what’s happening and you take lessons, then potentially the pattern of seeming losses prepares you to win

Daniel Macmillen Voskoboynik: Confronting extinction

We need to shake up the economic and political systems driving the climate crisis

Laurence Cox: The revolutionary challenge of “the long 1968”

The struggles of 1968 remade the landscape of social movements and popular resistance for decades to come. What do these struggles have to tell us today?

Symbiosis: Symbiosis

Symbiosis is a network of community organizations across North America,  building a democratic and ecological society from the ground up. We are fighting for a better world by creating institutions of participatory democracy and the solidarity economy through community organizing, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city. Our political strategy is to build dual power through Read more…

Pete Dolack: Why are Leftists cheering potential demise of Rojava’s socialist experiment?

To ignore what the Kurdish people, in attempting to build a socialist, egalitarian society, have to say are acts of Western chauvinism

Hilary Klein: Lessons to Learn on the 25th Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising

I believe the Zapatista movement has much to teach us about the enduring nature of this work and the patience that comes along with that understanding

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