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Mark Evans: Popular Vision and Vanguardism

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications…] The current economic crisis has dealt a powerful blow to Milton Friedman’s socio-economic vision and the dogma, propounded by followers of the Chicago School movement – there is no alternative – that has helped maintain it. [1]  As a result people everywhere are more open to Read more…

David Graeber: Hope in Common

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications…] We seem to have reached an impasse. Capitalism as we know it appears to be coming apart. But as financial institutions stagger and crumble, there is no obvious alternative. Organized resistance appears scattered and incoherent; the global justice movement a shadow of its former self. There Read more…

Tom Engelhardt: Going for Broke

Yes, Stanley McChrystal is the general from the dark side (and proud of it). So the recent sacking of Afghan commander General David McKiernan after less than a year in the field and McChrystal’s appointment as the man to run the Afghan War seems to signal that the Obama administration is going for broke. It’s Read more…

Robin Hahnel: Overcoming Blind Spots In Left Vision: Participatory Planning

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications…] Introduction   What can those who want to replace the economics of competition and greed with the economics of equitable cooperation in the twenty-first century learn from those who struggled to build socialist economies in the twentieth century? I think we should embrace our forebears’ goals Read more…

Carl Davidson: Eleven Talking Points on 21st Century Socialism

Eleven Talking Points On 21st Century Socialism   By Carl Davidson May 1, 2009 The current discussion around socialism in left and progressive circles in the U.S. needs to be placed in a more substantive arena. This is an effort to do so. I take note in advance of the criticism that the following Read more…

Brian Small: Basic Income

I did a quick search of Znet to see if anyone mentioned Basic Income initiatives. Nothing came up. From Daniel Raventos’ Basic Income: The Material Conditions of Freedom‘s Product Description   Basic Income is simply the idea that everyone in a given society has a right to a minimal income. This is paid by the Read more…

Kim Scipes: It’s Time for a Deep Green Vision for the United States and World

[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications]   The Green movement around the world has presented a myriad of ideas and projects, each suggesting the way forward to a Green society.  However, because there is no overarching vision, we have moved in this direction and that, stumbling from one good idea to another, Read more…

Michael Albert: Solidarity and Participatory Economics

In a recent article appearing on ZNet (re-posted from Dollars & Sense), Ethan Miller argues passionately and effectively on behalf of a movement that has developed in Latin America and to an extent also in Europe, called “solidarity economics.” What is this movement about? And what is the connection, positive or critical, between solidarity economics Read more…

Vandana Shiva: Terrorism, Agriculture and U.S India Cooperation

Terrorism and Agriculture are among the issues raised in the Joint India – U.S statement issued on 18th July 2005 during Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh’s meeting with President Bush. As the statement declares, the two leaders resolved – – to create an international environment conductive to promotion of democratic values, and to strengthen democratic Read more…

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