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Patrick Cockburn: Robert Fisk had True Independence of Mind

Which is Why He Angered Governments and Parts of the Media

David Edwards: Robert Fisk – Death Of A ‘Controversial’ Journalist

It turns out that the term ‘controversial’ is only applied in corporate media to political writers and leaders deemed ‘controversial’ by elite interests

Richard Falk: The Life of Robert Fisk

Fisk gave the world a truly independent, informed, and critical understanding of the struggles occurring throughout the region, including an unsparing exposure of Israeli abusive policies and practices toward the Palestinian people

ROAR Collective: Remembering the many lives of our friend David Graeber

You lived your many lives as a true revolutionary, lighting little fires in our collective imagination as you playfully weaved your way through this twisted world of ours

David Swanson: Kevin Zeese: Irreplaceable

Nobody can say that if thousands followed his lead we wouldn’t have a world transformed. Nobody can say that he didn’t make a major difference, exposing injustice and changing public policy and culture for the better

Juan Cole: Chadwick Boseman’s Wakanda: Afro-Futurism is in the Present

In one of his many achievements, Boseman (along with the MCU creative team) deployed the tropes of science fiction to create new images of Africa, but African scientific and technological advance is in the present

Louis Proyect: Noel Ignatiev: Remembering a Comrade and a Friend

Noel Ignatiev devoted his entire political career to uniting the oppressed across the racial, religious and ethnic lines that divide us

Adam Sweeting: DA Pennebaker obituary

Maker of idiosyncratic documentary films including Dont Look Back, about Bob Dylan’s 1965 UK tour

Federico Fuentes: Marta Harnecker, presente!

She will forever be that Marta who always wanted to listen and learn from others, who always had an encouraging word to say, who believed everyone had something to contribute, and whose profound and unwavering belief in humanity was not simply something she preached, but something she practiced every day of her life

Shea Howell: A Country Not Yet Born: Remembering Vincent

Vincent always asked the hard questions, always reminded us that we had much to learn from the struggles of those who had gone before us, those ordinary people called to do extraordinary things

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