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Louis Proyect: Noel Ignatiev: Remembering a Comrade and a Friend

Noel Ignatiev devoted his entire political career to uniting the oppressed across the racial, religious and ethnic lines that divide us

Adam Sweeting: DA Pennebaker obituary

Maker of idiosyncratic documentary films including Dont Look Back, about Bob Dylan’s 1965 UK tour

Federico Fuentes: Marta Harnecker, presente!

She will forever be that Marta who always wanted to listen and learn from others, who always had an encouraging word to say, who believed everyone had something to contribute, and whose profound and unwavering belief in humanity was not simply something she preached, but something she practiced every day of her life

Shea Howell: A Country Not Yet Born: Remembering Vincent

Vincent always asked the hard questions, always reminded us that we had much to learn from the struggles of those who had gone before us, those ordinary people called to do extraordinary things

Christopher Zimmerly-Beck: Imagining a better world with Ursula K. Le Guin

I already miss Ursula K. Le Guin. Let’s read her work, immerse ourselves in the worlds she created, and celebrate the lessons she has to teach

IPS Staff: A Tribute to Marcus Raskin, 1934-2017

Institute for Policy Studies staff and friends are mourning the loss of Marcus G. Raskin, who co-founded the Institute in 1963 and remained a Distinguished Fellow of the organization until his death at age 83 on December 24. Raskin was an intellectual pillar of the movements for progressive social change for more than a half Read more…

Jeff Cohen: Edward S. Herman: Master of Dissent

One of the greatest and sweetest media critics ever, Edward S. Herman, has passed away

Matt Taibbi: RIP Edward Herman

Herman and Chomsky’s work was a great gift to a generation of thinkers trying to make sense of how power in the West sold itself to populations

Joao Pedro Stedile: Che and his legacy

El Che, Symbol of the Humanist and Socialist Struggle

Richard Falk: Remembering Ebrahim Yazdi

Remembering Yazdi’s brave struggle for a pluralist, tolerant, and progressive future with normalized relations with neighbors and the world

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