Category: ZMag

Chris Williams: Capitalism, Ecology, and the Official Invisibility of Women

Capitalist social relations continue to be damaging to women

Various Contributors: Memorials for Ireland, Mandel, and Mandela

Remembering three activists from the U.S., Canada, and Africa

Z Staff: About Z

Information about Z’s Mission, subscriptions, and submissions

Joel Gillin: Libyan Suffering, Western Ignorance

The chaos, lawlessness, and human rights abuses by the U.S./NATO after Gaddafi’s death

Ramzy Baroud: Assessing Syria and Egypt

The promise of freedom is being violently reversed

Colin Jenkins: The Fight for a Livable Wage

The current wave of labor/grassroots activism for a livable wage

Robert Hunziker: The Inevitability of Radical Climate Change

There is indisputable evidence of climate change in the ocean

Allen Ruff: Operation Enduring America

The U.S. I Central Asia after Afghanistan?

Sue Katz: Blackpool Same-Sex Dance Festival

A report on The Wimbledon of Dance and challenges to gender assignments

jlc: Events, Books, Campaigns

Items of interest for radicals

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