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Thank you so much for wanting to help Z deal with its costs. We appreciate your assistance greatly.

There are a number of different ways you may wish to help and this page explains the options and provides easy access to the links for each. Which option makes sense for you, depends, of course, on your preference, but also on your current relation to Z. Is your email address already in our database or not? Please see below and carefully choose what fits your desires and circumstances.


You May Wish to: Make a One Time Donation

Whether you are currently a user with no formal relations to Z or you are a free member, a lapsed Sustainer, or a Current Sustainer, you can Make a One-Time Donation.

Just click the link to go to our store. Then click the donation amount you wish to give. Next, fill in the relevant information to conclude the action. We thank you for doing so! If you want to give some other amount than those indicated or you just prefer to send a check, no problem – just send to:

Z Communications, 215 Atlantic Ave, Hull MA 02045


You May Wish to: Become A NEW Z Sustainer

You can become a NEW Sustainer using the link to Become a NEW Sustainer Becoming a Sustainer entitles you to full access to current and all Z Magazine content online and you can comment on content and post blogs and you get a nightly email commentary from Z.

However, if you try this option and you get a message that your email is already in the system, it means you are either a Free Member or you are a Lapsed Sustainer so that your email address is still in our database. Since your email can only be in our database once, we apologize for the added step, but you must use the option immediately below to Upgrade your existing account to Sustainer. (Or, if you prefer, you could become a New Sustainer using a new email address that isn’t in our database.)

We thank you, greatly, for your periodic contribution! Please remember that on becoming a Sustainer you can comment all over the site, post blogs, and will receive a nightly email commentaries.


You May Wish to: Upgrade from Free Member or Lapsed Sustainer to Live Sustainer

Being a Free Member or a Lapsed Sustainer, your email is in our database. This could be from anytime in the past. To become a Live Sustainer and gain access to Z Magazine online and to blogging, commenting, and nightly email commentaries, using that same email address, first, you must log in. (If you do not remember your password, the system will send you one. It that doesn’t work for you, or you need further help, let us know via

Once logged in, click to Upgrade from Free Member or Lapsed Sustainer to Live Sustainer. Next, choose the donation level and frequency you would like, and fill in all required information as if for the first time.

Again, this works only if you are logged in, and you are a either Free Member or a Lapsed Sustainer. If you are neither, and your email is not in our system, then you can use the NEW Sustainer option, immediately above.

When you are finished, you will be a Live Sustainer, donating at the level you choose, at the frequency you choose – and able to comment all over the site, post blogs, and receive nightly commentary email.


You May Wish to: Raise Your Sustainer Donation Level

If you are already a Sustainer and your account is live, but you want to change your donation level, you just log in and then click to Change Your Donation Level.

Choose whatever level you want, and then you will need to fill in the rest of the needed information, as well. We apologize that you need to do that, again, but we thank you for any new help you are providing!


You May Wish to: Make a purchase in our Online Store

Another option is to use our Online Store to purchase ZBooks or ZVideos, or to get a Subscription to Z Magazine.

Since the cost we place on these items is barely more than just the preparation cost of what we send you this doesn’t help too much with meeting costs – but somewhat, and the political and social benefits of the products being used is a wonderful bonus!

Just Visit ZStore and choose whatever you like.


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