ZCom Finances 2014 Projections / Monthly Averages After Cost Cutting…

Z costs and revenues are not particularly complicated and have become far simpler of late.

There are infrastructure costs, typically called fixed costs, that are rooted in basic existence. We have a staff of three however, two are volunteer, so that means salary and diverse taxes, health insurance, and upkeep costs associated with staff, materials, etc. Housing is essentially free. We do have  accounting, computer maintenance, office supplies, etc.

Then there are costs of operations each month, which depend on scale – and on what is being done. These correlate largely to product output. Here we have paying creators, costs of printing Z Magazine and of video manufacturing, costs of delivery and all kinds of mail and promotion, costs of hosting and servicing our web systems, and deficits for special undertakings we may undertake.

On the revenue side we have revenues from Z subscriptions, video, book, and other sales. And we have Sustainer and One Time Donor revenues.

Here is a summary of monthly projections for the coming year, after various cuts, etc. Of course, things will vary somewhat…


Income per month on average

Sustainer Donations –          $9,000

Quarterly Fund Raising –     $3,000

Z Magazine Subs –                $5,500

DVDs Books –                         $   500

                              Total:  $18,000


Costs per month on average

Salaries, taxes –                       $  6,500

Health Insurance –                 $  2,500

Rent –                                        $       500

Utilities / Internet –               $        250

ZMag Production –                 $    5,000

Delivery… –                              $    2,000

Web Maintanence –               $     1,250

Accounting –                            $        750

Supplies, Computers…          $        500

                                    Total: $19,250

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