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Michael Albert

Without getting into a big excahnge about it – I would say the main difference might be merely in how one talks about your observations, though maybe there is more. I don’t think people are for the most part tricked or manipulated. I think they make sensible choices in horrible contexts – which are set by institutions. Consumerism is sensible, most things people do are sensible – because there are not better alternatives other than, arguably, resistance, and resistance seems to most to be futile.

If you were put in prison for life tomorrow, it would make sense, after acclimiating a bit, to try to make the best of the bad situation. This would mean making many choices that, were you outside, you would find absurd. You weren’t tricked, or manipulated. You were pout ina setting that limits options and makes ones that would otherwise be poor, desirable.

It depends what you are discussing, how you best do it. If it is values, that is one thing, if facts of a situation, that is another thing, if program, still another thing, if vision, another, and so on. I think in all cases trying to be clear, use accessible language, etc., makes sense. Sometimes more context is needed, other times not.

The choice isn’t sound bites or academic language. One can be long, full, contextual, and avoid jargon. Sound bites are rarely worth much – except in a crowded restaurant that is on fire….

It isn’t a question of giving up a concept – or context, when needed. It is a question of explaining what you mean in clear language, rather than using a short hand label that might as well be Greek…

Poetry. Okay: cntology, proctology – who knows the difference? The shadow knows. But not me.