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Michael Albert

Chuckling, the simple ones are always the hardest –

I don’t know. I have to guess because I just don’t remember.

If it was reasoned, perhaps robin and I were chatting and thought what do we call this thing? Balanced Jobs – hmmmm…what is that? It doesn’t seem to connote much – one could slide by it thinking one knows what it is, because it doesn’t seem to point to anything new – but not…knowing. We may have been thinking about it, at the time, by methodically figuring out, first, okay, what is a job? Well, it is a set of tasks. What do we need to do to fix the reason why some jobs leave people dominating others? We need to balance them for empowerment. What does that mean? It must mean we have to apportion tasks into jobs by a different norm than now – seeking to largely equalize empowerment effects. So – it seems to be just a little complex. Whoa – Balanced job complexes.

Another possiblity is five minutes earlier one of us used the word complex, or complexes, for some reason – and then just blurted it out again, and we stuck with it.

Another possibility, less benign, is we were worried no one would notice there was something really different unless we used some new word, and it would be better to use one that wasn’t totally obscure, of course, and that also fit, but that also didn’t seem like trivia.

So you see, I just don’t know.