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Michael Albert

What would cause you to think Greene would have any more to say then, say, you. He knows physics but why would you think he has anything to say about the rest? If I had an opportunity to sit and talk with him, or even interview him, the questions would all be about science, both current views, and issues of methodology. And, honestly, Jerry, I don’t think we agree, because I do think the modern physics ruminations – which is what a whole lot of it is – are irrelevant to social change aims, means, and choices. But, if you would like to pursue the possibility of implications with a physicist, I would suggest Michio Kaku. He was – may still be, I don’t know – a serious socialist and certainly has more of a two portfolio focus – physics and social change – then I would anticipate for Greene. I also think if you find Kaku’s address and write him, he would probably reply. If you do, let me know the result!