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Joe H

I am a theoretical physicist, so I’d thought I’d add something. This question “if the result of my deliberation is already fixed, what is the point in deliberating?” goes all the way back, it’s not directly related to new physics. It’s the kind of thing discussed by philosophers rather than physicists; if you look up “free will” on wikipedia you will see the tip of this enormous iceberg. People have some up with some pretty good arguments to the effect that moral deliberation and a fixed future (“determinism”) are compatible.
As a physicist the block universe is sometimes a useful mental picture, but we play fast and loose with such pictures all the time and rarely worry about any philosophical consequences that they might have; we know that all our “models” are only feeble attempts to understand what is really going on anyway. As a moral person, moral decisions seem to me to stand on their own two feet; if some philosophical argument tells me not to act, it must be wrong, end of story.