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Thanks. Here’s something else.

I’m interested in the potential challenges for worker cooperatives in a capitalist society that want to adopt Parecon-like practices. For example, a workers cooperative could adopt the following practices:
1. Equal pay rate based on effort — possibly taking the form of an equal hourly rate if coworkers accept that everyone generally puts forth the same level of effort.
2. Balanced job complexes.
3. Self management.

From your experience and understanding, will the cooperative face external pressure from markets (setting aside whatever political pressures exist) to undo these practices? If I understand some of the other things you’ve written, in particular about the occupied factories in Argentina, the economic pressure to survive in a capitalist economy will tend to undermine efforts to have fair work distribution — do you think that’s true and can you explain why? Is it just as simple as banks won’t lend money to a non-hierarchical company or is it something more fundamental than that?