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Michael Albert

I wish I had a memory able to help just based on what you write here – but honestly, I have no memory of the article and therefore have no idea of the context of anything I wrote in it. The former point stemmed from when I was first becoming political, applauding people at a draft card turn in, but sitting up in a balcony and not doing it myself. When I left I found myself troubled by that – and thus the resolve for the future. It isn’t like a law – of course I can applaud actions by others – say Snowden – that I am not and cannot do, or that would make no sense for me. The idea is more if someone is doing something I could do, and if it makes sense for them and would make the same sense for me – then, I should be doing it too, unless doing something better…and so on. In Remembering Tomorrow, in context, which is where the story is fully told, I think it makes sense, or hope so.

As to needing more Malcolms – I can only guess at what I might have meant. Malcolm addressed his own constituency very critically, often – something that is typically in short supply, and I may have been referring to that.