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Michael Albert

Where is this open letter?

I knew you weren’t agreeing –

Workers councils don’t produce for a specific consumer council except in very unusual cases – instead, they produce for those who want the output. Most often, that will be for consumers in a wide area, many councils, perhaps many states, etc. etc. Sometimes smaller scale makes sense – thus fewer consumers of fewer products from a particular unit. Sometimes larger makes sense.

You get remunerated for work yielding socially valued output – not for work per se. Suppose there is a plant producing widgets. Suppose the desire for widgets drops to near zero. OR alternatively, suppose it is suddenly discovered that producing widgets gives off a deadly pollutant not previously known.

In either case, the plant, let’s say, can no longer produce widgets. Now what? Well, first sticking makes zero sense even if the employees are anti social. You can’t strike producing something no one wants…

What does parecon do? Well, the plant can be retooled, including by those who work, there is that is sensible. Or, over time, the workers no longer producing widgets, produce other desired outputs. That is, they get new jobs. They are compensated for costs of dislocation, if any, for downtime, if any, and so on. There is nothing they can strike for that they don’t automatically get – unless, they want to strike to produce outputs no one wants. That isn’t an option. But who in their right mind would want to spend all day producing stuff that is then simply thrown out, instead of taking some time – with no loss in income – to find new work that is socially valued?