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David Jones

Interesting dialogue, Clint, Ren, I will start with a basic skepticism about thorium nuclear from a lay position- For me it is not enough to say “Nixon era politics scrapped this technology and it went away.” From a rational, “Market” perspective, if there were trillions to be made from this technology, capital would develop it. “Metallurgy” cannot be the only thing which prevents investment. Much like the “Free Energy machine” in the movie Thrive, these dreams only divert needed energy away from real political solutions and give people false hope, stalling any chance of social/cultural change. I am not a scientist so facts and data won’t help convince me (I can’t interpret it) but if you can explain how a safe clean abundant energy source sits unused, I will apologize and change my position. I listened to a man on Saturday who claims to have a mixed alcohol fuel that will revolutionize energy production and presented the same argument.

That aside, why wouldn’t we (climate movement) just attempt to de-legitimize energy markets? This institution has dramatically failed us and yet its ideology holds most of the world spell-bound with the mysticism of “invisible hands” and equilibrium. With market ideology discredited, wouldn’t it be easier to usher in these new democratic forms of political economy?