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Hi. Our policies have not changed. But I think you are right that the piece is far from optimal, so to speak. Then again, I think that about a good many things we run. And, yes, even beyond that, it was even a close call to post this piece at all. I suspect in one mood I would, as I did, in another I wouldn’t.

I agree that it delves into personal assessments too much. But it also has a lot that is serious and may deserve assessment. It doesn’t do anything remotely like saying that someone is running interference for the state – but it does suggest that despite doing incredibly good work in various ways, something is wrong about the approach of Media Lens and more generally, for that matter. I thought that that was worth displaying and of course we would run any reply. I also thought the essay would appear in other places, and so having it on ZNet, with the possibility of reply, would be constructive. Finally, Media Lens criticizes at its core, and so I would think receiving criticism, even some that goes over lines, would be no big problem. Did we make a mistake? Perhaps.