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Joe H

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the explanation. My first reaction was simply to be affronted by the personal material, which I thought was (a) wrong and (b) beyond the pale as far as helpful intra-movement debate goes. But I can understand the intention in posting it and debating it, and my initial feeling that something had gone totally wrong with the editorial line was too severe.

For me, because the potentially valid points being made are so thoroughly diluted with unnecessary gibes and personality-based assaults, not to mention largely irrelevant rambles about films, books, historical personages and so on, I find it difficult to use this piece as the basis for a decent respectful debate, at the very least without having to do some major ground-clearing first. But then, to be honest I probably wouldn’t have felt moved to respond anyway had the article not gone beyond what I consider basic standards (hopefully that won’t encourage anyone to use this tactic!). Which makes me think that next week I should consider what I want to spend my time on a bit more carefully and perhaps write something useful about something else…