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Hi Chris – Nice to meet you and to read your story – very interesting. I, too, find Professor Chomsky to be in the mentor category for me, although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him or talking with him. I have, however (although I came to his writings late), read most of his books, and have most of his DVDs. Now that I have audiobooks on my phone, I can do my hour commute whilst listening to him, Foucalt, Borges, Barthes, and a host of other fascinating folks.

I have a couple of students with Aspergers, and getting help down here is an exercise in intestinal fortitude. Fortunately, there are folks and more information out there, so good luck with it.

A history degree! Wow! Someone who knows what happened back beyond last week’s sale at Walmart! :-)

Just a last wee note on not ever having much money…neither do I, nor do many of us these days, as the push to the bottom from the Grifter Class accelerates. However, even $2.00 a month helps defray costs here. Most of the places we inhabit all need help and exist very close to the bone. I feel strongly that every little bit helps.