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Thanks Jon!

I shall watch it for sure and let you know. As to the British, I know probably more than you care to hear. My dad was Irish (one of the first names on the Peace Keepers’ wall in Dublin), and though I came to the awareness late (I am a South Philly born & raised North American), it was a radical and disturbing learning curve. I remember the first time I went to Ireland – a visit to friends of my brother’s prior to moving there – and I stopped in Temple Bar. In one of the wee shops, I looked for some music (I am beyond a music lover and actually created and still have an eBay vinyl music shop) I found some Irish music – one set of long-ago songs that, later, my Wisdom Elder ladyfriend sang with me and I watched dance back through the years – and the other set was called “50 Irish Rebel Songs.” The young girl behind the counter cautioned me that not everyone would like to hear those. I said, “I’m an American.” She nodded and said, “ah, never mind.” :-)

Venezuela – as for most of Latin America – is always looking at the challenge and control of the Criollo class (Our Grifter Class here.) I have a muy amigo who is a journalist there and we correspond frequently. Thanks for the video, and I am grateful for having met you. Hope we get to engage more.

I’ll get back to you when I’m done. I’m currently working on a school essay on Antonio Machado and a play by Alarcón. It’s a class on Lit of Spain – my last Spanish class before I graduate.