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    Saeeda Bukhari

    I had a quick look round at information about the current battles between ISIS ( ISIL depending in some news channels ) trying to get an accurate picture. My approach is to try to read news from different perspectives. To not fall into traps of fallacy. Look at
    UK news, CNN Aljazeera. Try to find some news from China in English. I found nothing. From Russia, “See we told you so, the Americans fucked up”. Irish Times as recommended by Robert Fisk.

    However one main aspect of this story is missing, And is contained between the lines of the article by Chelsea Manning in the New York Times and in this opinion piece in Al Jazeera


    Chelsea describes how he was asked by his commanding officers to research 14 individuals for the new Iraqi intelligence services while he was stationed in Iraq. He concluded that they were no threat but concerned citizens and not extremists.

    However the new Intelligence Service did not see it that way. He does not say what happened to the individuals but he says they used torture and behaved in a similar fashion to old Iraqi Intelligence. The Truth was hidden from the American public and the worlds press declared that these new guys were bringers of democracy. Chelsea Manning is serving a 30 years sentence for whistle blowing; unlike Snowden he did not go into hiding.

    But what was really happening, moderates and intellectuals that could provide real democracy were being detained with US help. These same moderates and intellectuals are being wiped from media coverage so the western public believes that the only forces that have ever existed and could ever exist were extremists OR are US backed regimes.

    Now add to this the constant pumping of Islamphobic rhetoric, which drives people away from dialogue.

    There is no separation to understand who has a legitimate critique of government and western actions in the middle east. And also supports a progressive vision of government and religion, if they criticise policy in the middle east they are labelled as terrorists, or apologists for terrorists. These people are executed or imprisoned and are labelled as extremists, whether they are or not. This kills meaningful analysis and dialogue.

    This is the self fulfilling prophesy unfolding. This leaves nobody who can speak except those who take up arms and take an extremist position. These groups will be supported because there is nobody else strong enough that can exist in opposition to the Iraqi government or the extremist groups. ,

    People will be dulled to the news of violence committed by extremist groups because the governments in power have already committed that same violence. There is nobody left in middle ground.

    Saeeda Bukhari

    Not sure why the link to the Chelsea Manning article won’t show so here it is

    avatarJohn Little

    Here is another view of the current situation in Iraq. TRNN, The Real News Network, have been consistently reporting current events with great accuracy:

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