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    A forum for people to post information about themselves and meet others, and then engage however they like…

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    In all Forums on ZCom, participants are expected to respect one another. No aspersions of ill motivation, no racism, sexism, or classism, will be tolerated. Likewise, no one should hound anyone else, and no one should over post excluding others.

    Think of it as being like a living room you are visiting. To dissent is fine, of course – engaging with one another over differences is the point. To be boorish, however, is not fine.

    For now, as an experiment that we hope will work, the forums are wide open. If that proves unviable because of anti social posting – posting will be restricted to sustainers.


    Jon Mark

    Hello. I’m a internet writer. I write on any topic of interest and am really looking forward to using this site at its fullest potential in the near future.


    Dan Strelecki

    hi, i’m a music maker.

    David Jones

    Hello. I am many things, writer, organizer, father, fishing guide, and a few others. I have found ZNet a valuable resource for many years and appreciate the varied content. Between this and IOPS I hope a viable left community can begin to come together.

    Michael Albert

    Hello. I work at Z Communications. I write a lot. Also kayak, play Go, watch TV and movies, barbeque and cook with a wok, and so on. My life is actually a bit of an open book – Remembering Tomorrow – regarding anything I think might be helpful to others.

    Currently, I have been working on the Z site transition, and now on this very Forum system, hoping that it will be a tool folks put to good use. We will see…


    I’m looking forward to meeting people here at Zcomm through writing.

    I was born in Michigan. My important formative years took place on a slowly bankrupting family farm near Ann Arbor. Our unforgetable coup de grâce came in my senior year of high school.

    I didn’t become interested in what we call politics until I got sucked into the Vietnam conflict shortly after that. I was quite naive. That woke me up.

    Since then I’ve been on a long, seemingly endless journey of discovery of just about anything that strikes my fancy. My interest in literature, art, anthropology and ecology have been helpful guides along the way.

    Undergrad at MSU, or MooYoo as we fondly called it. After all, it played a big role in the evolution of industrial farming, especially dairy farming, and the Green Revolution. I did graduate work at Western Washington University.

    I currently live near the coast of Southwestern Washington in what some of us recognize as the Willapa Watershed.

    I have something of a writing jones. I’ve been writing on various internet forums for over ten years now. I also use my writing to build websites. Here’s my latest:

    I see the link thing doesn’t seem to be working. Here’s the site again

    I have a lot of material for that one, so I expect it to grow.

    Can’t find the blog I used to have here, I think it was in something called Zspace that’s now inaccessible from the link in my favorites.

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    Andrew Knight

    Hello, I’m a 27-year-old man living by Texarkana, Texas. I work as a clerk, make $9.00 an hour, no coordinator here, lol!!! I’ve only read stuff from Z on a pretty regular basis for a few months now. I was raised and live in a pretty conservative family and community. I graduated from Oklahoma State in 2010 with a bachelors in economics. I like cold beer, warm weather, and chilling in the great outdoors. Through Z I hope to learn and maybe meet people striving for a happy, peaceful, and just world. Feel free to hollar at me about anything!!


    ivan grinbank

    Hi everybody …my name is Ivan and I’m an Argentinean living in the United States ….z magazine always keeps well informed …looking forward to meeting other conscious people..

    Jim Vee

    Hello from Canada. I work in the financial services industry. Leaves me somewhat informed about the workings of capitalism. Including the enormous problems it creates. It’s how I put food on the table, it doesn’t make me a conservative thinker. I find anarchism very interesting as a political and economic goal. I see merit in socialism too. I belong to IOPS, wish it was becoming more popular, sooner.

    Chris Green

    My name is Chris Green. I started reading Znet back in 1997, not long after I discovered Chomsky. I started patronizing the Znet forum system in 1998 where Chomsky, Albert and other intellectuals opened themselves to comments and questions from forum users. Over the years I’ve drifted off to other sites but I think it is fair to say that Znet has played a very significant role in my political education, particularly in my formative political years, roughly in the 1997-2003 period. owe Znet a considerable debt and I’d certainly like to give it a lot of money if I had the opportunity but I don’t think I’ll ever have a lot of money.

    When Chomsky was on the old Znet forum system I sent him a great many questions and he probably responded to me about 70 percent of the time. In July 2013, I spent some time making comments on Znet about an article Chomsky had written in response to Slavoj Zizek’s slanders. I didn’t realize that Chomsky’s attention would be called to my comments and he would feel compelled to devote an article to responding to them. I was responding to what I felt was the notion that Chomsky/Herman were 100 percent correct in everything they wrote about Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. I felt that his notion was not quite correct and wanted to clarify a few things. In any case, I’ve had the strong feeling that I should not have written the comments. On the other hand, right or wrong ,those comments were something that I honestly felt. I had no idea that Chomsky’s attention would be called to them and he would write an essay about it. Having Noam Chomsky write an essay in response to something I wrote is…..well, part of me really enjoyed the attention. I certainly venerate Chomsky and the fact that I got under his skin a little doesn’t make me very happy.

    Several years ago I obtained a master’s degree in history. Since then, apart from several month standardized test scoring assignments, I’ve found it very hard to secure paid employment. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. My dad insisted I get this diagnosis so that entering the job market might be easy for me. The state Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) has not been very helpful because they believe I don’t need a lot of help. My dad and his girlfriend badgered the DVR to have me assigned to this firm headed by an industrial psychologist who supposedly specializes in getting jobs for autistic adults. However this guy turned out to be something of a charlatan, full of big talk and disingenuous claims about what he could do for me but who never got me any work. Now, after a year and a half of having my time wasted by this asshole and his staff, I’m being forced into other rout, including a community college program, which might produce better results. God only knows what my future holds.

    I’ve spent the last few years as a member of my local chapter of the Socialist Alternative, the organization to which Kshama Sawant, the Seattle city councilwoman, belongs. I joined it and kept with because its is really the only radical left group in my area and is pretty intelligent and not crazy. In spite of me joining them, I’ve decided that I’m basically what I started out as: a libertarian socialist. I see some merit to the whole Trotskyist view of the world but I’ve come to really dislike the whole vanguard structure of Trotskyist groups. I like what Louis Proyect has written about the serious problems with Trotskyist organizations in the US.

    Zlatko Beretovac

    Hi everybody,
    I’m a university teacher in Perth, Western Australia. I’m also a private tutor and a “recreational support worker” (which means I hang out with a couple of underprivileged kids and help their mother when I have the time).

    I discovered ZNet when I searched the internet for Noam Chomsky. I’ve been reading ZNet since the late 90s and find it informative and diverse in content. It was quite a revelation to compare ZNet’s analysis of the NATO bombing of Serbia and Kosovo with the Australian mainstream news. Every night at 6:30, I’d be quietly thinking, “that’s incorrect,” or “that’s based on the false assumption that NATO is trying to stop ethnic cleansing.” Later, I read scholarly works on human rights and saw that many of them were based on similar assumptions. My conservative Croatian parents assumed I was some kind of brainwashed stooge of “the enemy,” but, to their credit, remained loving parents of their misguided son.

    Not long afterward, I read a couple of beautifully-argued essays by Arundhati Roy (“The Greater Common Good” and “The End of Imagination”), and later discovered that she (along with other authors I admire) was writing on ZNet. I used the site to inform myself about a wide range of topics, which not only informed my modest activism (I marched for an independent East Timor, against global inequality, and against the invasion of Iraq, among other things) but also helped me to connect with foreign scholars at my university. I found myself asking pertinent questions about union libraries in Bangladesh, TRIMs and TRIPs, and the future of the Palestinian leadership at postgrad conferences while the rest of the audience, safely ensconced in the specialisms, looked like they were sitting through a Beckett play. More than one presenter told me, “It’s good to know someone understands our issues,” that is, someone who had a concern for the world outside the insular concerns and platitudes of the academy. Much of the careful language at conferences, I discovered, was designed to obscure issues of inequality, injustice, and the effective sovereignty of capital.

    That’s why I’m here again – to get my fix of my favourite authors and to connect (in a critical, detailed way) with the broader world and its concerns.


    Hey there. I’m an animation artist living in LA.
    When I lived in San Francisco I used to do lots of artwork for movement causes… unfortunately since I moved to LA I can’t seem to find the same network of social activism I can team up with.

    Looking forward to meeting people in this forum


    Nisa Saadi

    Hi I’m originally from Afghanistan and been living in the UK for some years. I have been reading Znet in the last five years. Along with some other outlets/websites, I rely on it for comprehensive and informed news, articles and debates. I have been a socialist from a young age, having grown up under communist rule in Afghanistan. Over the years, my politics have shifted towards libertarian socialism. Though I consider myself a radical socialist, I have thus far not been involved with any organisations or movements other than taking part on an individual basis in certain demonstrations/protests. There are no organisations or political movements in the UK unfortunately which as a libertarian socialist I can connect with on an intellectual level. Znet allows me to read from those with whom I feel I can share a better sense of issues and also to effectively cut out the mass media propaganda. I hope to discuss issues and learn further from others’s experiences and understanding.


    Jon Mark

    Cool. I too am a music maker. Well. When I’m not a internet writer.

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