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    I disagree with you about the reasons why the Bible is less than perfect. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that.

    If one chooses to throw away the gift of life that God has given him, or her, that’s their choice. Upon death to this life, God destroys the soul of the one who ‘requests’ it. God will force life on no one. When does one request complete destruction? One does that when one knowingly and willingly rebels against God. And one can knowingly and willingly rebel against God without having perfection and perfect knowledge. There’s a line you cross. And I think that about covers it.


    So you are saying if an unborn loses his/her life the soul will live on? as they can’t have willingly disobeyed God.

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    Did you read my material? It’s all there. It’s all covered. I’m moving on.

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    ie. when an abortion takes place the soul goes to heaven?


    Hello, i am also from Argentina. Unfortunately the new Pope is just a very good politician, i agree with Anival on women´s issues though i don´t think that the Pope is the sole reason for the problem with the decriminalization of abortion. I must also add that until at least one priest or any clergyman goes to jail for their crimes, the question posted before us is not only incorrect, but morally wrong to be asked. Keep it real

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    I notice that my comments posted a few days ago on Argentina removed?
    Why? So there is censorship on Zmag, is there. Albert?
    At least you should have emailed me about your decision to delete my post.
    What are you scared of, Albert?


    what did you post? could be a technical problem

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    I wrote something on the following lines:
    Pope Francis is European like all the others – migrating to Argentina, a settler state, doesn’t change his mind set. Most of his concerns are of western/Euro interest. Western leaders (esp US and Israel) are doing the most barbarous things but he won’t rebuke them. Remember he is guardian of justice and morality!
    How interested and competent is he on Asian & African issues?
    Has he looked at Latin American history? What has happened to the native Indians? In the case of Argentina, the settlers systematically massacred them. Has he reflected on this genocide?
    This has been considered in the book “Exterminate All the Brutes” by Sven Lindqvist (Granta 1996). Here are the basic facts:
    Argentina declared itself independent from Spain in 1808. Others followed – Chile in 1810, Peru 1821, Ecuador 1822, Uruguay 1825.
    Charles Darwin arrived in Argentina in 1832. (It was in 1832-33 that the British had grabbed the Malvinas Islands and named them Falklands.) It was about this time that the Argentine government had decided to esterminate the Indians who still remained in the Pampas. The task was given to General Rosas.

    Darwin met him and his troops by the Colorado River and found them no more than a loathsome band of bandits. He saw more forces drunk and covered with bllod, filth and vomit. A Spanish commander told him they had forced the Indians to reveal the whereabouts of their kinsfolk.
    Darwin recorded his impressions in his book “Voyage of the Beagle”:
    “Gen Rosas plans to kill all wandering groups and having rounded them up to a common point, to attack them. The operation is to be repeated for 3 successive years.
    “The Indians are so terrified that they offer no resistance but flee even abandoning their wives and children. All the women who appear above 20 are massacred in cold blood. When I questioned the general, he answered: ‘What can be done? They breed so.’
    Who would believe that such atrocities could be committed in a Christian civilised country? “

    When Darwin published his “Descent of Man” in 1871, the hunting down and slaughter of the Indians was still going on in Argentina, the operation financed by a bond loan. When the land was cleared of Indians, the land was shared out among the bondholders, each holder receiving up to 2500 hectares.

    Philippino historian, Renato Constantino, has commented briefly in his book ‘Colours of Memory’’ (2005). The slaughter began in Uruguay about the same time as in Argentina.
    What will Pope Francis do about these historical crimes?

    avatarEddie D’Sa

    Michael Albert confirmed by email that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of my post that I complained of above. He had not even seen it. This means I was hasty to blame him and apologise. It may have been a technical glitch after all.
    I rewrote my post and it has stayed intact.


    Thanks for the interesting post. It is important to remember the crimes of imperialism. Do any of the descendants of the natives survive?

    avatarEddie D’Sa

    Thanks for your interest. It’s not just Argentina. The Europeans grabbed huge tracts of land across the globe (the whole of the Americas, Australia & NZ), slaughtering the natives or herding them into reservations or sending missionaries to convert them. Imagine the state of Europe if all the settlers (all Christians) were forced to return to their homeland.
    But there is no remorse, no reparations. And the Popes couldn’t care less. They can only speak in generalities on justice issues.

    Israel is the last settler state and is still grabbing land. Europe and USA do not object.
    Andre Vltchek has written on the Euro land grab and loot in Africa and related issues.
    See his site


    I have heard of the brutal treatment of the native population by European settlers.

    There is a movement for reparation created by some Africans

    I wonder if there is something similar for South Americans?


    Sister Teresa Forcades gives a good answer to the original question (near end of interview)

    RealNews – Spanish debt, movements for independence, and Pope Francis

    Change comes from the grass roots, the Pope will be good it he listens to them.

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