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    Saeeda Bukhari

    Time for a rant set off by two articles:

    So a place with the great historic credentials of standing against fascism as it took over Spain is now partnering with a state which is conducting “ethnic cleansing” (read Illan Pappe for more about the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, who according to John Pilger is “Israel’s bravest, most principled incisive historian”).

    But that is not the worst bit of this story; the worst bit is which information is being shared. “They signed a 3-year cooperation agreement to exchange experience in the field of new technologies and smart cities”.

    Smarter cities is the capture of every aspect of the information of a city. It’s done by small sensors which are placed in everything that you can imagine. It’s being promoted by every big tech company IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel…. you name it they are involved. This data belongs to the city and the public and then can be used by private companies and government agencies for primarily benign purposes.

    For instance Smarter Cities will tell us “What is the air pollution level today near a particular beach”. Or right now in some bars the police have placed sensors to monitor sound pollution. When sound reaches above the stated limit a fine is automatically issued to the bar.

    Or as IBM envisages, in the future, buses will automatically divert to routes where there are more people waiting as the bus stops will be Smart. Traffic lights will change as they measure the amount of traffic as it enters roads to pedestrian movement as sensors in roads and pavements are put in place and transmit information. All good you may think.

    74% of the Spanish public perceive Israel’s activities as negative in the Middle East. A strong hold of that attitude is in the public of the traditionally left wing Catalonia.

    Is Catalonia unwittingly handing over the data of its citizens to one of the most notoriously ruthless governments in the world or worse still, to unregulated, less visible lobbying groups who have been attacking and harassing those who criticize Israeli actions, including prominent Jewish intellectuals and academics who are bravely making clear that, Not in their Names will Israel carry out ethnic cleansing (See the Washington Post Bestseller – They dare to speak out).


    Saeeda Bukhari

    Well no comments on this on: So I will add an update.

    Investigative reporters are needed:

    The Catalonian parliament rejected a motion asking for boycotts of Israel and general transparency about relations with Israel, It was asked to “Publish all its agreements with the Israeli government and companies and institutions…”.

    Given that these motions were rejected and transparency is not coming to us very soon. I would hazard a guess based on my “chance” meetings. I would say that there is some kind of Israeli presence in water technology, including with a company that works in Israel. Because of the man in the ecological entrepreneurship event that decided to share with me the great work that Israel was doing in the Negev desert (see infographic below about what this really means), he was working in Water technology and was looking for start-ups that his company could invest in.

    I would also guess that there is a link between Israel with a university of Catalonia in the study and development of Gamification, because the gamification professor I was introduced to, who would not answer any questions about his subject of study (my experience previously is that academics can’t be shut up about their subject area). But was more than happy to share his imminent plans to travel to Tel Aviv.

    I would also hazard a guess that Israel is partnering in some form with a University of Catalonia in the study of bio-technology, because of the woman who turned up at the woman in entrepreneurship event who headed a department at a university in the R&D of bio tech and was outraged that when the discussion turned to which countries were investing in startups in Catalonia, Israel was not mentioned.

    … The list goes on….after all Barcelona is twinned with Tel Aviv

    Other parts of the motion that was rejected by the Catalonian Parliament are:

    Not initiate agreement with Israeli companies and institutions “and have demonstrated a direct role in the illegal occupation and colonization of Palestinian territories,”

    Asking Universities of Catalonia to “terminate existing agreements with Israeli universities where it is shown that “have direct complicity in the illegal occupation of Palestinian territories,”

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