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    Peter Lucas

    Hey Albert,
    in a new published magazine called “Utopie” (www.utopie-magazin.org) I’ve read an interview with you and an article about parecon. It was the first time that I’ve heard about you and parecon. And I’m really fascinated of your idea of a new society beyond capitalism.
    Since a couple of years I’ve been thinking already by myself how a new society could look like. The result is a not yet published booklet “Utopia ist machbar” (utopia is possible). You can download the complete manuscript under http://www.utopia-ist-machbar.de. Unfortunately it is only in German. But perhaps you have the possibility of translation. In all important points and aims it is identical with parecon. There are only two things different.
    1.What kind of work people consider as awefull or “bad” work differs from person to person because men feel different. And therefore it seems to me impossible to come to an objective indicator or measurement of “good” or “bad” work. But for all men one thing is the absolute truth: The most expensive worth everybody has is lifetime. And since the invention of clock, time is to be measured; that means one hour in the slums of Kalkutta is as well one hour as in the outback of Australia or in the officetowers of Frankfurt or New Yorck. According to my point of view the only counting and exchanging system between men should be the lifetime each person is providing for the community. Therefore in my system of utopia money is completely abolished. In case the work, which has to be done in order for community to run succesfully, will not be done, one can think about two options: Either everyone has to do that terrible work – maybe it is a couple of hours per year – or one hour of that work is for instance counting as two hours of work.
    2. In “Utopia ist machbar” I’m developing a 20-years-plan showing how the capitalistic world could be transformed to “Utopia”.

    Something different: Will you take part in the capitalismtribunal (www.capitalismtribunal.org)
    from 1 th to 12 th of May in Vienna? Although capitalism is only beeing accused by the means of court, it still seems to be a good opportunity to discuss and enlarge ideas of a new system beyond capitalism as for instance parecon.
    I would be glad to meet you there…
    All the best


    Garai Charlton

    My codename is Vigiocosmo. How can I help?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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