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    Sure, at I write there often. I am a big questioner and analyzer and I don’t like labeling myself. I believe life is a living contradiction and you can certainly see that in my writing. Thanks! Marlon

    I’m not sure Billie, but now that we are here, that is a good thing!

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    Not knowing a whole lot about Russian history, I can say that the whole thing seems frightening and polarizing. I do not blame Putin for wanting the US to tell the truth and not lie to him. Aside from that, Putin needs to try to promote as much as pacifism and tolerance and possible, and education, to somehow alleviate the violence there and the real grievances the population has, and the issue of lines and borders is also prevalent here. Why do we need borders at all anywhere? It just seems to attract and magnify drama.

    It is easy enough to navigate for me, and signing up, etc., was easy. The only thing about online forums, and I know this may not be a popular view, but I think it is sometimes important to not be too quick to say someone is “harassing,” unless one is really sure. There is a fine line between freedom of speech, and just having your voice shut out, when you did not really mean any harm. I wouldn’t be too overly stringent in other words, in blocking people or shutting down comments, unless it was a true viciousness, etc. The site really looks good!

    Hi Jbuckrop: I think education at its core should be about giving back. I would like to go straight to MIT and get a program started where I can have 5 people a year come up from Mississippi and Alabama, to get an education of a lifetime they would never had had otherwise. I will donate 10% of my income for the rest of my life to accomplish this goal (just have a contract stating such), so the 5 or so people from the deep south can get a good education. I am certainly not looking to live off of anyone or anything else — I think it’s a reasonable vision and a good one. I have an old friend from high school who teaches at the high school level herself now in Texas and she probably has fantastic on-the-ground ideas. One thing that has endlessly annoyed me in college is the test taking. It always feels like I am pressured and I don’t understand everything and I am so quickly rushed into a test. I really dislike that. Essay tests in philosophy were much easier, even though it was more work, but we had more time to deal with all the subject matter. The rushing of tests is not productive, even in foreign language classes the ferocity of the lessons is so rapid that I just cannot comprehend most of it, so what is the point?

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    Hey Chris Green! I’m new here and wow that is a long time you have been here. Upon deeper reflection, I decided tonight I should be a permanent sustainer of Znet, after all it seems to be extremely worthwhile and valuable. I’ve never had a whole lot of money myself, but that should not be an obstruction whatsoever to any of us who think for ourselves and try to plan a better path for ourselves. Struggle has certainly made me stronger. I like steak dinners, so if I can just have those and coffee, I’m good 🙂 I’m sure we will interact more!

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    I live in Mobile, Alabama, and have for 19 years, originally from the Houston, TX, area. I am so glad to be sustaining something that has value and means a lot to me personally.

    I am a writer and have learned tremendously from listening to Michael Albert, Noam Chomsky, and reading as much as possible about everything I can get my hands on. I’ve certainly made some serious errors in judgment along the way (don’t we all?) but it’s been incredibly enriching to me.

    I’m moving to Boston in the next 2 weeks! I am fascinated with political history and world history and politics in general and look forward to sharing with others on this site with like values. Thank you so much!

    Marlon Clifford Hartshorn

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