Gay Liberation Reading List

Culture Clash

The Making of Gay Sensibility
Michael Bronski, South End
Culture Clash explores the dynamics of gay liberation and homophobia, of change and backlash, and reveals the radicalism of the challenge that gay men and lesbians, as cultural adventurers, have offered to American society.

The Queer Question

Essays on Desire and Democracy
by Scott Tucker, South End
Tucker engages with a wide range of queer questions debated within the last decades, from the political insights of the New Left to the gay-marriage debate. Tucker writes passionately about being a long-term AIDS activist and co-founder of Prevention Point Philadelphia, a syringe exchange and harm-reduction program for drug users and sex workers. He uses his own experience as International Mr. Leather to shed light on S/M culture and polymorphous desire. Whether the topic is sex or science, Bill Clinton pr Ralph Nader, Tucker argues convincingly and humanely for a society in which radical kinship, solidarity, and desire are part and parcel of a healthy civil society.

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